Miss Mary Maycock

Mary Maycock, 23, was a British citizen originally from Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.  Prior to the Lusitania disaster she lived in Harrison, New Jersey, United States.  She had brothers named Tom and Arthur in New York.  Mary had been working in the United States as a companion to the Astor family.  She had recently received her certificate of graduation as a hairdresser and beautician.  In her luggage, she was also bringing a trousseau for her wedding in Yorkshire to her fiancé Arthur Wood. On the day of the disaster, Mary had been packing her luggage.  She remembered that was wearing a silk blouse, dark skirt, and high-laced boots.  After land was sighted, she went to the second class library and, at a desk, wrote her brothers Tom and Arthur that Ireland was now visible. Mary Maycock survived the Lusitania sinking but was permanently disabled by her experience.  She had crouched on a narrow board for 4 hours and could not walk afterwards. After the disaster, Mary worked a second time for the Astors.  She also married her Yorkshire fiancé Arthur Wood and lived a full life.  Before her death at age 75 she made her first journey by air to America. Contributor: Judith Tavares References: Hickey, Des and Gus Smith.  Seven Days to Disaster.  G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1981, pages 178, 314.

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