Miss Mary Nichol

Miss Mary Nicol image credit:  Daily Missoulian, Sunday, 16 May 1915. Miss Mary Nichol was from Scotland and had been visiting her sisters in Chicago, Illinois, United States nine months prior to sailing on Lusitania.  Her sisters were Mrs. J. W. Young of 7337 South Racine and Mrs. William McClelland of 7331 South Racine.  According to the New York Times, she had booked passage in Memphis, Tennessee. Mary Nichol was lost in the sinking of the Lusitania and was on Sunday, 9 May 1915's list of missing and probable dead.  In the Daily Missoulian, she is named as Mary E. Nicol. Contributors: Judith Tavares Hildo Thiel References: Daily Missoulian, Sunday, 16 May 1915.

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