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Mrs. Cyril Elmore Pells (Mary Anita Reeve)

Mary Anita Pells from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was aboard the Lusitania with her husband, Cyril Elmore, and infant son, John.  The family had emigrated to Canada in March 1914, but they were returning to England where Cyril was to join his regiment as a Second Lieutenant. Mary's account of the sinking differs somewhat from that of her husband, in that she claimed the three of them jumped from the Lusitania, rather than sank with her.  Mary Anita had volunteered as a nurse, and was en route to training and service at the time of the disaster. Through 1918 Mary served as a nurse, and she was awarded a sum of $1089.15 for the loss of her personal property and Mr. Pell's medical expenses (Canadian #851) after her return to British Columbia. For a time she lived in California, where she continued to study nursing, before returning for a third time to Canada. Contributor: Jim Kalafus

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