Miss Muriel Thompson

Muriel Thompson, 30, was a British subject and the youngest daughter of Nathan Curtis Thompson and Charlotte Disney of Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. Muriel had been visiting friends in Miami, Florida during the winter of 1914, where she stayed with Mrs. J.B. Patterson of 234 Thirteenth St. Muriel booked the 1 May 1915 voyage of the Lusitania to return to England. Her cabin was on C deck, and her stewardess was May Bird. Muriel perished in the Lusitania sinking. Muriel is memorialized on the same headstone as her father and mother in the All Saints' Cemetery in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Her epitaph reads:
Also of Muriel, dearly-loved youngest daughter of the above [Nathan Curtis Thompson]. Drowned by the sinking of The Lusitania. May 7th 1915. Is all well with the child? – It is well.”
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