Mr. John Ferrick

John Ferrick, 26, was the brother of Margaret Ferrick. They were from Boxboro, Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland. The pair were reported as having lived in the United States for about ten years before their ill-fated voyage on the Lusitania, but John arrived in New York City aboard the White Star Liner Baltic on 3 April 1910, when he was 21. Both John and his sister Margaret were lost when the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk on 7 May 1915. The Cunard Company had recorded the two as “Mr. and Mrs. Ferrick” when they were actually brother and sister. Contributors: Senan Molony References: Molony, Senan. Lusitania: An Irish Tragedy, pg. 32. Mercier Press, 2004.

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