Mr. William Brown

William Brown Third Class Passenger Saved
William Brown image:  Toronto Star, Sunday, 8 May 1915, pg. 4.  Marika Pirie collection.
Age on Lusitania 31
Citizenship British (Canada)
Residence West Toronto, Ontario, Canada
William Brown, 31, of West Toronto, Ontario, Canada was sailing on Lusitania to find work in the shipyards.  He survived the sinking. From the Toronto Star, Sunday, 8 May 1915:

WENT TO WORK IN BRITAIN Wm. Brown, West Toronto, Wanted Job in Shipyards

“He chose the Lusitania because it was the fastest boat as such was most likely to be safe,” said the mother of Mr. Wm. Brown of 53 1/2 Fairview avenue, a passenger on the lost liner, who was on his way to England to get work in the shipyards. “He had been a ship’s plumber and had worked as a steam-fitter at the C.P.R. shops,” said Mrs. Brown.  “He got out of work, and knowing that men were needed in England he decided to go there.” Mr. Brown is 31 years old, and unmarried.  He is well known in West Toronto.
This account of William Brown, 31, and his survival of the Lusitania wreck is from The Daily Missoulian, Sunday, 9 May 1915, page 3:
Preservers Saved Them
William Brown of Alaska [sic?], another survivor, said he did not join the rush for the boats.  “I came to the conclusion that a life belt was the thing for me,” he said.  “So I went to my cabin and secured one.  With it on I slid down a long rope into the water.  Subsequently I got into a boat.”
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