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Mr. John Roberts, Assistant Engineers’ Mess Steward

John Roberts, 19, was an assistant engineers' mess steward. He was from Liverpool, England. He died when the Lusitania was lost on 7 May 1915. His body was not recovered or never identified. John was the son of John and Margaret Roberts, of 19, Maitland St., Liverpool. The parents were known as ‘Grumpa’ and ‘Nanna Roberts.’ John was born in West Derby, Lancashire and had a brother named Arthur. John was employed on both the westward and eastward voyages. After the Lusitania was torpedoed and was sinking, John and a friend (name unknown) managed to jump into the water. From what John's friend told Arthur's family, on hitting the water, Roberts fell unconscious. His friend was recovered from the water some time later, how and by who he was recovered is not known. John's mother and his sister, Elizabeth Ann (known as 'Nancy'), travelled to Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland to search for him. His father was unable to travel as he was recovering from a serious leg injury sustained some weeks earlier when he fell beneath the wheels of a horse-drawn coal cart. Roberts' body was never found. John Roberts' Memorial Card John Roberts' Memorial Card. Note that the ship in the picture is actually Titanic, not Lusitania. Image credit: Doris Jensen Contributors Cliff Barry, UK Doris Jensen (relative of John Roberts), Canada Peter Kelly, Ireland George William Lamb (great-nephew of John Roberts), UK

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