The Lusitania Resource > Primary Documents > The Prichard Letters > Item 232: Letter from W. Wilson Burns for Gladys Bilicke dated 6 March 1916

Item 232: Letter from W. Wilson Burns for Gladys Bilicke dated 6 March 1916

President: Bilicke Rowan Fireproof Bldg. Co. Bilicke Rowan Commercial Bldg. Co. Central Fireproof Bldg. Co. Chester Fireproof Bldg. Co. Century Bldg. Co. Alexandria Hotel Co. In Reply Please Refer To: No: Subject: Estate of A.C. Bilicke Hotel Alexandria Los Angeles, Cal. March 6th, 1916. Mrs. G. S. Prichard, #1 Osborne Road, Swanage, England. Dear Madame: Your letter of January 19th addressed to Mrs. A. C. Bilicke was duly received by her and she has asked me to reply to the same. Mrs. Bilicke regrets very much that she is unable to give you any information whatever concerning your son Richard Preston Prichard. Mrs. Bilicke does not recall having seen your son, nor any one on the “Lusitania” whose description you give. Mrs. Bilicke was not saved in the Parry and Morton[']s boat. She was picked up by the Flying fish and did not at any time see the Indian Empire. Mrs. Bilicke went through the morgues a number of times to locate her husband A. C. Bilicke who was lost and of whom she has never had any trace; but on her visits to the morgues she did not see any face that resembled your son. Mrs. Bilicke does not know of any of the survivors, or crew or their addresses and is very sorry she cannot help you out in the this. I regret very much that I cannot give you any information that will be of service to you. Yours very truly, W. Wilson Burns WWB/L.

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