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Data Visualization

This is a companion page to Passenger and Crew Statistics for the Lusitania's final voyage. The visualizations are in beta right now, as I don't really like the color selection that I was given. But this may help you picture the survival rate from the Lusitania sinking. In "Age Category," "Infant" was defined as under 2 years of age, Minor was defined as from ages 2 to 17, and Adult was age 18 and above. Some of the crew were minors, although how many is not known at this time. Some who may have been minors but I am not certain of are in the "Minors?" category. In "Citizenship," modern-day countries such as Ireland, Finland, Poland, and Ukraine were not yet independent in 1915. As such, people from these countries have been listed as citizens of the country from which they would have obtained their passports. Therefore, the chart has categories such as "British (Irish)," "Russian (Finnish)," and so forth.

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