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Passenger and Crew Statistics

How many people died in the Lusitania sinking?  How many survived?  The following are the numbers from the passenger and crew lists on this site. You can also verify this by downloading the complete manifest in the downloads section of this site. You also may be interested in the visualization of this data.
Total Survived Died Survival rate
Saloon (First Class) 290 113 177 39.0%
Second Cabin (Second Class) 601 229 372 38.1%
Third Class 370 134 236 36.2%
Deported Seamen (Third Class) 3 0 3 0.0%
Total Passengers 1,264 476 788 37.7%
Stowaways 3 0 3 0.0%
Band 5 3 2 60.0%
Deck Crew 69 37 32 53.6%
Engineering Crew 313 112 201 35.8%
Victualling Crew 306 139 167 45.4%
Total Crew (including Band) 693 291 402 42.0%
Total Complement (with stowaways) 1,960 767 1,193 39.1%
I have not yet done breakdown by nationality or age group, but those are worth considering for future updates.  Accounting for the four survivors who died not long afterwards, this becomes:
Total Survived Died Survival rate
Total Complement (with stowaways) 1,960 763 1,197 38.9%
From the lost, the following names are known to not have been on board:
R. A. Sterberg  (Engineering Crew, same person as August Österberg) Alexandra Munro (Saloon Passenger, did not sail)
Robert Ernest Foden is listed twice in the crew lists, but should only be listed once here.  A. Trainor of the Engineering Crew has been identified as the same person as Thomas Pilcher. The existence of John Neil Leach, a British mercenary spy working for the Germans, has been under scrutiny, but did exist as his relatives have contacted this site.   If there ends up being more repetition in the list (particularly among the crew), then the overall total and numbers lost could be smaller than previously thought. The often quoted number of 1,959 as total complement thus does not include the stowaways, which would bring the number up to 1,962. From Hoehling/Hoehling:
159 Americans on board, 124 perished. 124 children on board, 94 perished, including 31 of 35 infants.
Worth noting is that the often quoted number of 1,195 lost is the "official" number (this site numbers 1,193 lost), and 1,198 (1,197 on this site) includes the stowaways.  The sometimes quoted number of 1,201 would count the stowaways twice, and is, according to the available data, wrong. Contact us if you know why else the figures are different, and what the numbers really should be. Contributors: Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden Mike Poirier, USA Hildo Thiel, The Netherlands References: Ballard, Robert D. and Spencer Dunmore.  Exploring the Lusitania.  Warner Books, 1995. Cunard Confidentiality Report. Hoehling, A. A. and Mary Hoehling.  The Last Voyage of the Lusitania. Madison Books, 1956. Layton, J. Kent.  Lusitania:  An Illustrated Biography of the Ship of Splendor.  Lulu Press, 2007. Mixed Claims Commission.

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