Mr. John Harvey Page

John Page, 45, was a United States national and vice-president of the Mark Cross Company in New York City, New York, United States. Page was in charge of manufacturing in England. He booked passage aboard Lusitania in Boston. His ticket for Lusitania was 46103, and his cabin aboard the ship as A-12. Page was lost in the disaster. Mark Cross stores on Monday, 10 May 1915, were closed to honor him. Page had two half-sisters. He was married to Cora Powers, whose family lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the time of Page’s death he was about 45 years 8 months of age. Cora was past 44 years of age and dependent upon Page for support. Page had bright future business prospects. He had good health, had exceptional business ability, was industrious, and enjoyed the confidence and respect of his business associates. For the loss of his life, the Mixed Claims Commission awarded Cora Page $80,000 and another $3,092.00 for property lost.

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Contributors Judith Tavares References Mixed Claims Commission. Docket No. 238, page 379. New York Tribune. Monday, 10 May 1915, page 5.

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