Mr. Leonidas M. Bistis

Leonidas Bistis, 33, was a Greek citizen living in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was traveling friends Michael and Angela Pappadopoulo aboard Lusitania to return to Athens.  Michael and Leonidas were lost in the sinking.  Angela survived. Leonidas stayed in cabin E 57 aboard Lusitania, his ticket number being 46124.  When the Lusitania was sinking, Bistis and the Pappadopoulos were in a lifeboat that smashed and was upset as it was being lowered, throwing everyone into the water.  In the water, Bistis tried to help Pappadopoulo to get into the lifeboat.  They held on for a while and then disappeared. Leonidas’ brother went to Queenstown to look him but found no trace.  Leonidas' body was either never recovered or never identified. In Queenstown, Leonidas' brother met a steward who witnessed Leonidas' and Michael's last moments.  Transiting through London, Bistis' brother and his friends offered to take care of the nervous Angela.

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