Mr. William Henry Helm Brown

William H. H. Brown 34, was a United States citizen and passenger on and went down with the Lusitania. His ticket for the ship was D1349 and his cabin was D-34. Brown's body was recovered, #117. Brown was married to Winnifred Houghton Brown, age 27. They had two sons, Angus M., age 4, and William H. H. Brown, Jr., aged 1. Brown was physically strong, active in business, industrious, and respected in the community in which he lived. Brown was the proprietor of a mill supply and rubber goods business in Buffalo, New York, United States. From this business, he earned in excess of $5,000 per year. His wife and sons were wholly dependent on him for support. After Brown's death this business was sold for $8,000. In October 1917, Brown's widow Winnifred married Elmer S. Keay, an American national, secretary and treasurer of a wholesale coal company of New York. In September 1918, they had a daughter.

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References Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 279, page 404.

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