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Make a Difference

"There are no more excuses... you can now make a difference, with the click of a mouse" Kofi Anan, General Secretary of the United Nations

Here you will find free click donation/charity websites, that is websites that feature an option to click a button and see advertiser ads then a portion of the money the website gets from the advertiser goes to a charity.
  • Care2 - an all purpose site for all causes.
  • The Hunger Site - The most popular one.
  • Hungry
  • Ecology
  • The Rainforest Site - Very popular.
  • Land Care Niagara - Every 5 clicks plants a tree.
  • Red Jellyfish - Save the Rainforest - Each click saves 5.25 sq ft of rainforest. Note: you have to register to be able to click to donate.
  • The Animal Rescue Site - sponsors donate about .6 cups of food. Donations are split between the North Shore Animal League America and The Fund For Animals.
  • Free
  • Charity Cafe
  • The Breast Cancer Site - The Breast Cancer Site is owned by which also owns The Hunger Site. Every click helps to pay for a free mammograms, about 5-7 are paid for each day.
  • Free Donation - Cancer - Donations go to Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer and The Breast Cancer Fund. Each sponsors pay a few cents every time you click.
  • FightAIDS@Home - Not actually a free click site. The whole concept is similar to SETI@Home. You donate you computer's extra processing power to do calculations to help find a cure for HIV/AIDS.
  • Free Donation AIDS - Each sponsor donates a few cents every time you click, you can donate more than once. The donations go to AIDS Network in the Tri-State Area.
  • Stop HIV Site - The website doesn’t specify the recipients of the donations but it does say they go to help people with HIV and HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.
  • Solve Poverty - Each click will release, donate, 5 Euro cents for the Global Junior Challenge.
  • Free Donation Education - Each free click is measured pencils. All donations are sent to Next Step Learning Center and Summer Science.
  • Build a School - Click to help build a school or fund a school in Brazil.

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