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Lusitania Accommodations

For Cunard to stay competitive in the North Atlantic trade, the company had to ensure that, at their launch, Lusitania and Mauretania would be the largest, fastest, and most luxurious ships afloat. The twins had electric lights, electric lifts (or elevators, as Americans call them), and wireless telegraph for the sending and receiving of messages.  At the time, their passenger accommodations were twice as large than any of their competitors.  Lusitania could accommodate 563 saloon (first class) passengers, 464 second cabin (second class) passengers, and 1,138 third class passengers for a total of 2,165 passengers. The Bromsgrove Guild designed and constructed most of the trim aboard Lusitania.  Waring and Gillow tendered for the contract to furnish the whole ship.  It did not win the contract but still supplied a number of furnishings.    

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