Mr. Albert Norriss Perry

Albert Perry, 26, was the brother of Frederick Perry. Albert was a British subject presumably from Ealing, London, England, United Kingdom, but was listed on the passenger manifest as from Buffalo, New York, United States.  He had arrived in the United States aboard the Cunarder Tuscania on 20 April 1915.  Albert and Frederick were returning to Britain aboard Lusitania. Their ticket number was 46152. Albert stayed in cabin D-28 and Frederick stayed in D-38. Albert Perry was lost in the Lusitania disaster, but Frederick survived. Albert's body was recovered, 162, and is buried in Acton Cemetery in Ealing, London. Contributors Jim Kalafus References "Albert Perry." Find-A-Grave. Web. 16 August 2011. <>. "Acton Cemetery." London Gardens Online. Web. 16 August 2011. <>.

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