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Mrs. Alexander Bryson Osborne (Alexandra Mary Bryson)

Alexandra Osborne, 49, was a British subject living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She traveled aboard Lusitania's last voyage in saloon cabin (first class), where her ticket was 865 and cabin was E-74. Alexandra survived the Lusitania sinking. Alexandra Mary Bryson arrived in New York City on 14 April 1910 to be married to Dr. Alexander Bryson Osborne. They were married the next day. The similarity of their names suggests that Alexandra and Alexander may have been extended relatives. Alexandra was 44 at the time she wed. There was no issue from this marriage. Dr. Osborne died in January 1922 while visiting England. Alexandra lived to be 81 and died in London on 18 October 1947. Contributors: Paul Latimer Senan Molony, Ireland Michael Poirier, USA Zachary Schwarz References: Molony, Senan ( 2008 ) “Lusitania: Final Voyage Folios,” Gare Maritime (ref: #6316, accessed 13th May 2013 11:31:43 PM) <>.

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