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Professor Carlton Thayer Brodrick

Carlton Brodrick image:  The Boston Globe, Globe Pequot Press. Guilford, CT.  Courtesy Carole Lindsay. Carlton Brodrick, 28, was an American professor from Newton Centre, Massachussetts, United States.  Carlton was traveling on the Lusitania to assist Herbert Hoover in Belgian relief work. His ticket for Lusitania was 46135 and he stayed in cabin B-106. He was friends with James HoughtonScott Turner, and Richard Freeman. Brodrick was lost in the Lusitania sinking and his body, #46, was returned to New York City, Monday, 24 May 1915 on the ocean liner New York. He was the son of Alfred H. and Etta L. Brodrick, aged respectively 55 and 57 years. Alfred H. Brodrick was a successful businessman, President of Chadwick-Boston Lead Company, 162 Congress Street, Boston. Carlton had a brother, Richard G. Brodrick, and a sister, Helen C. Brodrick, both of them 18 years of age. At the time of his death, Carlton was unmarried and lived with his parents. Carlton was receiving a salary of $10,000 as chief geologist of a mining corporation working in Russia. He also founded a geology school at Kyshtim, Russia, and made liveral contributions of geological specimens and valuable data and information to his alma mater, Harvard University, where now exists a collection of such specimens which bears his name. Brodrick was on board Lusitania en route to assist Herbert Hoover in Belgian relief work.

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Contributors Richard Bailey Carole Lindsay Judith Tavares References Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 280, page 429. The New York Times.  Tuesday, 25 May 1915, page 15.

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