Mr. Charles E. H. Robinson, Jr.

Charles Robinson, 54, was a United States national traveling with his wife Prudence aboard Lusitania. Charles and Prudence had a home on Tulpehocken Street in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. They had given up that home so that Charles could be the London representative of the Walkover Shoe Company. Both Charles and Prudence were lost in the Lusitania disaster. Charles had a father also named Charles, then 81 years of age, and two brothers, William R. and James H. Robinson, 54 and 52 years of age respectively, and two married sisters, 43 and 40 years of age respectively. Charles supported his father financially. After the end of World War I, both Charles and Prudence's families sued Germany for compensation.

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Contributors: Judith Tavares References: Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 233, page 369.

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