Mr. Frank Albert Rogers

Frank Rogers, 34, was an employee an of the Robert Simpson Company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was traveling aboard Lusitania with his wife Agnes and work colleague Franklin Peardon, also of the Robert Simpson Company. Rogers and Agnes had recently married and were on their honeymoon. The business part of his trip was part of "the Dominion's [Canada's] war-time promise of 'business as usual.' " The Rogers had ticket number 10859 and stayed in cabin A-25. All three were lost in the Lusitania sinking on 7 May 1915, and only Agnes' body was recovered, #188. A memorial service was held for the three at the Shelbourne Street Methodist Church on 16 May 1915, a national day of mourning, as 170 Canadians were lost in the Lusitania sinking, 86 of them from Toronto. Contributors: Zachary Schwarz References: Twatio, Bill. "A nation mourns: in the spring of 1915, Ypres and the sinking of the Lusitania brought the realities of war home to Canadians". BNET. Web. Accessed 8 July 2011. <>

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