Mr. George Henderson Turton

George Turton, 45, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, was the Australian general manager of the Royal Insurance Company of Liverpool.  The newspaper the Colonist described him as "one of the most brilliant underwriters in Australasia."  He was traveling to Liverpool aboard Lusitania to discuss business with his head office board. His ticket number for Lusitania was 46120 and he stayed in cabin B-29. Turton survived the Lusitania disaster. The week of the sailing, his wife, who lived at Elmhurst, Church Street, Middle Brighton in Victoria received a letter from Turton stating his intention to sail on Lusitania. She was greatly relieved to receive a cable message from her husband from Cork, Ireland, on Saturday, 8 May 1915, telling her that he was safe. Contributors: Judith Tavares References: The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). "Passengers On Board - Distinguished Names - American Millionaires - Several Australians Included." Monday, 10 May 1915, page 9. The Colonist (Nelson, New Zealand). "Personal." Thursday, 13 May 1915, page 3.

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