Mr. Georges Tiberghien

Georges Tiberghien Image: Western Front Association/Croonaert Research Services Georges Tiberghien (1883 - 1915), 32, was a French national traveling back from the United States aboard Lusitania to join the French Army. He had worked at the French Woosted Company. His ticket for passage aboard Lusitania was 46108 and he stayed in cabin D-24. Georges died in the Lusitania sinking. His body was recovered and identified, #191, and was later buried in France. Georges Tiberghien was born on 18 December 1883 to Charles Augustin Tiberghien and Marie Louise van den Berghe Tiberghien. He married Marie Louise Motte, and together they had one son, also named Georges Tiberghien, born in 1909. Georges was one of three brothers from the Tiberghien family to die during the Great War. His brother Henry was a Lieutenant in 273 RI who later died at Navarin Farm on 7 October 1915. His brother Jules was a Serjeant pilot in Escadrille 31 who was shot down and killed in combat over Luyghem, Belgium, on 10 September 1917.

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The Western Front Association: 7 May Georges Tiberghien
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