Mr. Gustaf Adolf Nyblom

Gustav Nyblom, 29, was a Swedish national and mining engineer returning from Canada and visiting his sister in Sheffield, England. Nyblom was lost when the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk.


Nyblom was born in Stockholm, Sweden and his family lived in Moseback Torg, near central Stockholm. He went to Canada to continue his training as a mining engineer and was returning to Sweden via Sheffield, England, where his sister lived. At the time of the Lusitania sailing, Nyblom was engaged and was to make wedding arrangements on his visit home. His ticket for Lusitania was 46073 and he stayed in cabin D-33. Nyblom was lost in the Lusitania disaster. His body was the first to be recovered by the Coutmacsherry Lifeboat, #142. His body was identified by a checkbook he was carrying. Nyblom's body was returned to 8 Mosebacke Torg (transcribed by Cunard as Mosebacktoig), Sweden on 24 May 1915 per instructions from the Swedish Consul in Ireland. His funeral was some days later and he was buried in June. Property found with Nyblom was forwarded to the Swedish Consul in London on 22 November 1915. Nyblom had left some effects in England. After his deaht, letters of administration were granted in London on 16 November 1915 to Klaes Anderson, a tailor. These effects were of the value of £112.13s.10d. Contributors Kevin O'Neill Geoff Whitfield References "Gustaf Adolf Nyblom." Encyclopedia Titanica Message Board. Web. 13 July 2011. <>.

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