Mr. Joseph Henry Charles

Joseph Charles, 48, was of the Musson Book Company. He was traveling aboard Lusitania on business, taking manuscripts over to England. He was also taking his daughter Doris overseas as a precaution. Doris had been in a serious relationship with a man named Elliot Lawler, and her parents thought that Doris was too young to be married. Joseph and Doris survived the Lusitania disaster.


Joseph's ticket aboard Lusitania was 10858 and his cabin was B-66. Doris held a different ticket, 13106 and she stayed in cabin D-14. The difference in ticket numbers and accommodations may have been because Joseph had long planned the trip aboard Lusitaniaand the decision to bring Doris was more spontaneous, in effort to get Doris away from her boyfriend, Elliot Lawler. When the Charles' reached their staterooms, they found gifts from their New York publishing friends that numbered piles of books, five-pound boxes of Hardy's Candies, and bouquets of roses. The Charles' were friendly with the Loney family of Allen, Catharine, and Virginia. The two families often sat in the saloon (first class) lounge and music room together. After the Lusitania was torpedoed and sank, Joseph and Doris were rescued by a fishing smack. In Queenstown, Joseph and Doris found Virginia Loney. Virginia had lost her parents and maid in the disaster, so the Charles' took responsibility for her. Virginia wrote, “Mr. Charles and daughter, of Canada, who were rescued from the Lusitania were very kind to me, taking me to London with them. I stayed in London overnight, then a maid arrived from my cousins, with whom I was to visit.” Doris later married Elliot Lawler. Contributors Jim Kalafus, USA Michael Poirier, USA References Kalafus, Jim and Michael Poirier (2005) Lest We Forget : Part 1 ET Research. <>. Preston, Diana.  Lusitania:  An Epic Tragedy.  Berkley Books, 2002.

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