Mr. Joseph Levinson, Jr.

Joseph Levinson, 36, was a British national from Canada who survived the sinking of the Lusitania. His saloon (first class) ticket for the ship was 46163 and he stayed in cabin B-42. When the Lusitania was torpedoed, Levinson went to the port side of the ship. He was standing on Promenade Deck "B" when he saw lifeboat 14 being lowered in front of him and jumped in, along with Norman Ratcliff. As soon as the lifeboat hit the water, it leaked immediately. The people in the lifeboat attempted to bail out the water with hats and shoes. The boat soon filled with water and capsized, throwing out the people inside the boat. In the water, Joseph Levinson "found that I could keep afloat quite easily by treading water, just like walking the street, so I moved among the people telling them what to do and in this way I think I saved some lives". Contributors Michael Poirer References Poirier, Michael. "The Tale of Boat Fourteen."

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