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Miss Martha Mattie Pinder Waites

Martha Waites, 36, was the maid to Josephine Burnside and Iris Burnside. A British subject in Canada, She worked for the Burnsides in Toronto, Ontario. Many members of the Waites family worked for Josephine's family, the Eatons. Martha traveled on a ticket separate from the Burnsides, where she was on ticket 13063 and stayed in cabin B-80. The Burnsides traveled on ticket 13062 and stayed in cabin B-76. Martha and Iris were lost in the Lusitania disaster, their bodies were either not recovered or not identified. Josephine was saved. In Toronto is a beautiful tombstone column with all the Waites family members’ names on it, including Martha's. Presumably the Eaton family looked after this, as the Waites family, despite being hard working, would not have been able to afford such a monument. Contributors Senan Molony Michael Poirier Josephine Waites (niece-in-law of Martha Waites)

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