Mr. Walter Wright

Walter Wright was a British subject originally from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom residing in Stoke Park, Coventry, England, United Kingdom. Aboard the Lusitania, his ticket was 46166 and he stayed in cabin B-102. Wright was lost in the Lusitania disaster when the ship was torpedoed and sunk 7 May 1915 by the German submarine U-20. Walter Wright moved to Coventry around 1905. He held the position of manager of the wheel department at the Dunlop Rim and Wheel Company, Limited. He visited the United States in January of 1915 on business for the firm. He cabled his wife from New York that he planned on sailing aboard Lusitania on 1 May 1915. No other word was heard of him. He was the only Coventry man aboard the ship. Wright's body was not identified or recovered, but his friends and colleagues erected a memorial for him in the London Road Cemetery in Coventry. Contributors: Michael Poirier References "WW1 Burials at London Road, Coventry." Family Researcher. Web. 16 August 2011. <>.

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