Mrs. Anna Davis (Anna John)

Anna Davis, 52 or 63, was a passenger on and went down with the Lusitania. Her body was recovered, #32, and buried in Common Grave C in the Old Church Cemetery of Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland. She was a widow of an American citizen by naturalization and was survived by three sons and two daughters. At the time of her death, her son Roger was 29, William was 34, and David was 25. Roger and William already had married and maintained their own domestic establishments. David was, from birth, developmentally disabled (described as “while physically healthy has the mind of a child”) and under the care of his brother Roger. Roger was clerk for a steel-casting company in Benton Harbor, Michigan, at a salary of $1,800 a year, and provided his brother David room and board. The Mixed Claims Commission docket makes the case that Anna spent much time with Roger and David, and as such awarded Roger and David each $2,500.00 for the lost of their mother.

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Anna Davis at the Mixed Claims Commission
References: Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 269, pg 394.

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