Master Campbell Ballantyne McKechan

Campbell McKechan (1914 - 1915), 10 months old, was traveling aboard Lusitania with his mother Elizabeth and brother James. He was a dual British subject and American citizen living in Gillespie, Illinois, United States. Campbell initially survived the Lusitania sinking with his mother, but he lost his brother James. Elizabeth and Campbell returned to the United States not long thereafter. Campbell later died of injuries from the sinking and a lingering illness, presumably from exposure, the following September. Campbell was the younger son of Robert McKechan and Elizabeth Ballantyne. Robert was the secretary of a cooperative society conducting a general mercantile establishment at Gillespie, Illinois. His older brother James was 6 years old at the time of the Lusitania sinking. Campbell had two older sisters, Martha and Anna, aged 13 and 10 years respectively in 1915. Another sister, Elizabeth, was born after Campbell's death. The Mixed Claims Commission awarded Robert McKechan $5,000.00 and Elizabeth $12,000.00 in personal injury and mental anguish, and the further sum of $1,200.00 for property lost in the sinking.

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The McKechans at the Mixed Claims Commission References: Docket Nos. 430, 431, & 432. Mixed Claims Commission, pg 416.

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