Mr. Cyril John George Wallace

Cyril Wallace, 20, of Holyoke, United States, was a British citizen on board the Lusitania so that he could join the British Army in Northumberland. On the day of the disaster, Wallace was on deck with Robert Gray "indulging in a sing song." He had just finished singing "Eileen Aiannah" when he heard the explosion. To Gray, it was not violent and Mr. Gray proclaimed, "That is a torpedo." Wallace ran down to his cabin C-28, and got a lifebelt. As he was putting it on, he ran into Jeanie Fyfe who had no lifebelt, so he gave her his. He jumped overboard and found his way to a lifeboat and after the ship sank. According to Hickey and Smith, Wallace pulled out a mouth organ that he had purchased in Cleveland, Ohio, United States to cheer up his boat fellows. He was asked to stop so that cries for help could be heard; however, this claim has not been substantiated by his testimony, or that of his boatmate, Belle Naish. They were picked up later by a fishing smack. To Cyril's surprise, there he found Mrs. Fyfe, unconcious. Cyril Wallace was killed in action on 9 September 1918. Contributors: Michael Poirier Judith Tavares References: Hickey, Des and Gus Smith. Seven Days to Disaster. G. P. Putnam's and Sons, 1981.

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