Miss Hannah Tulloch

Hannah Tulloch, 11-months old, was the daughter of James and Agnes Tulloch. She was born in Montana in the United States, presumably in the town of Kendall where the family lived. The entire Tulloch family was lost in the Lusitania disaster on 7 May 1915. Their bodies, if recovered, were never identified. Hannah was born on 14 June 1914 to James and Agnes. As she was born in Montana, this would have made her a natural-born United States citizen, even though her parents had not naturalized and were still British subjects. Hannah had only been alive for 11 months when she died in the Lusitania sinking. Agnes' father, Andrew Kerr, brought his case to the Mixed Claims Commission to sue Germany for damages. Even though the Tullochs had intended to return to the United States, since neither of the adult Tullochs were United States citizens (as James had never become naturalized), and Hannah was too young to have been earning an income for the family, the Mixed Claims Commission did not award Agnes' father any money for the lost of his daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. The mining town of Kendall, Montana, where the Tullochs lived, is now a ghost town and has been since 1920.

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References: Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 237.

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