Mr. George Groves

George Groves, 70, was a third class passenger aboard Lusitania's last voyage.  He was lost in the sinking. George was, with Henry and Joseph Groves, one of three brothers born in Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom who emigrated to Illnois, United States.  They also had a sister, Sarah, and two brothers James and Thomas, who remained in England.  The three brothers ran contiguous farms and became naturalized United States citizens.  George's wife died in 1902 and spent much time on his brother Henry's farm afterwards.  He also frequented his brother Joseph's house and also spent much time in England. The brothers were not dependent on George financially, and at the time of his death, George was a resident of Gainsborough, County Lincoln, England.  There he was living with his sister, Sarah Parkinson, who was widowed, and her three children.  George left no property in the United States. After George's death, Henry and Joseph Groves filed suit against Germany.  The brothers received no compensation for George's wrongful death.

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References: Mixed Claims Commission, Docket No. 222, p. 267.

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