Mr. Michael Connolly

Michael Connolly, 39 or 47, was an Irish national and naturalized citizen of the United States who was lost on the Lusitania. He had booked a third class ticket. Connolly had never married. For ten years, he lived with his brother James, who was married, and also a naturalized US citizen, in New York City, New York, United States. James was three years younger than Michael. Both brothers worked as street-railway motormen, each earning $1,250 a year, and Michael contributed to the support of James' family. James had three children, two of whom died young. The Connolly brothers had two widowed sisters in Ireland. In May of 1915, Michael was journeying to Ireland to visit his two sisters and to bring them a modest gift. Connolly was lost in the Lusitania sinking and his body was either never recovered or never identified. The Mixed Claims Commission awarded James the sum of $974.00 for lost effects, but nothing for lost income that sustained him and his surviving child.

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Michael Connolly at the Mixed Claims Commission
References: Docket No. 495. Mixed Claims Commission, page 424.

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