Lifeboat 14

Lifeboat 14 was launched from the port side late in the sinking; however, the plug for the bottom of the lifeboat was not put in and the boat soon filled with water. The lifeboat capsized six times until most of its original complement had been lost or moved on to other lifeboats and rafts. Only 11 of the original 60 or so people inside lifeboat 14 stayed with the boat until they were rescued. Lifeboat 14 had 14 known of about 60 occupants. Italics indicate survivor.
Name Age Class or Dept Citizenship Residence Lifeboat  Rescue Vessel
CAIRNS, Mr. Robert Wishart 49 Saloon British 14
HILL, Mr. Charles Tilden 38 Saloon USA London, England 14 Indian Empire
FAULDS, Mr. Andrew 28 3rd British Yonkers, NY, USA 14
FAULDS, Mrs. Andrew (Margaret Allen) 27 3rd British Yonkers, NY, USA 14
GADD, Mr. Lott 45 Victualling British 14
LEVINSON, Mr. Joseph, Jr. 36 Saloon British Canada 14
LONEY, Miss Virginia Bruce 15 Saloon USA New York, NY, USA 14 fishing trawler
PAVEY, Miss Lorna Mary 28 2nd British Fort Qui Apelle, Sk., Canada 14 (?)
ROGERS, Mr. Percy William 46 Saloon British Toronto, On., Canada 14, collapsible trawler (Wanderer/Peel 12?), Flying Fish
RYERSON, Miss Laura Mary 23 Saloon British Toronto, On., Canada 14
RYERSON, Mrs. George Sterling (Mary Amelia Crowther) 56 Saloon British Toronto, On., Canada 14
SHARP, Mrs. Annie 32 3rd British Boston, MA, USA 14
WILSON, Mr. John 2nd British Cambridge, MA, USA 14 (?)
WYNNE, Master George 16 Victualling British Liverpool, England 14 Indian Empire

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