Lifeboat 17

Lifeboat 17 was launched by First Officer Arthur Rowland Jones. This lifeboat was almost launched successfully, but overturned just about 12 feet above the water, throwing its complement into the water and killing many. The below list is incomplete. You can help by contributing. Italics indicate survivor.
Name Age Class or Dept Citizenship Residence Lifeboat Rescue Vessel
ADAMS, Mr. William McMillan 19 Saloon USA Cambridge, England 17
ADAMS, Mr. Arthur Henry 46 Saloon USA Boston, MA, USA 17
BISTIS, Mr. Leonidas M. 33 Saloon Greek Atlanta, GA, USA 17
BYINGTON, Mr. Albert Jackson 40 Saloon USA São Paulo, Brazil 17
DOLPHIN, Miss Avis Gertrude 12 2nd British St. Thomas, On., Canada 17
ELLIS, Miss Hilda 2nd British St. Thomas, On., Canada 17
HARDWICK, Mr. Charles Cheever 49 Saloon USA New York, NY, USA 17, 19
PAPPADOPOULOS, Mr. Michael Nicolas 43 Saloon Greek Athens, Greece 17
PAPPADOPOULOS, Mrs. Michael Nicolas (Angela Baffa Trasci Amalfitani di Crucoli) 32 Saloon Greek Athens, Greece 17 Juno
SCOTT, Mrs. Arthur (Alice Ann Kay) 29 3rd British North Adams, MA, USA 17 (?)
SMITH, Miss Sarah 2nd British St. Thomas, On., Canada 17
TOOTAL, Mr. Frederick Edward Owen 39 Saloon British London, England 17
WINTER, Mr. William Henry 28 Saloon British Liverpool, England 17, 19

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