Mr. Charles Cheever Hardwick

Mr. Charles Hardwick (c.1865 - 1923), 49, was a United States national from New York sailing for England on Lusitania on business.  Hardwick was an experienced traveler and had crossed the Atlantic 61 times. On the last voyage of the Lusitania, his ticket was 46125 and he stayed in cabin B-104. Hardwick survived the Lusitania sinking.


He worked at Burrs and Hardwick Importers at 132 Fifth Avenue, New York, as an importer and manufacturer of laces, novelties, and white goods. His wife was named Charlotte and they had two sons, Ambrose and Charles, Jr. They lived on Oakwood Avenue, East Orange, New York, United States.


From the Toronto Star, Saturday, 8 May 1915, pg. 1:
Entered Boat Under Orders.
Chas. C. Hardwick, of New York, said:'I entered boat 17 under orders, but it was overturned soon after striking the water.  I then swam to boat 19, which had in it 18 women, 15 children, and 30 men.  Afterward this boat picked up 4 other men and 1 woman, and finally was towed safely to shore."
Mr. Hardwick had with him on the Lusitania personal effects of the value of $1,024.60, all of which were lost. Hardwick returned to the United States aboard the American Line's St. Louis on 7 June 1915. A photo from the Bettman Archive shows him with fellow Lusitania survivors Arthur Thomas Mathews, Richard Taylor, and Robert Rankin.

Later life

Hardwick was under the treatment of his physician for a about six months for shock from the Lusitania disaster. During this time, he still gave attention to his business in New York City. His business showed losses during the years 1917 and 1918 and was prosperous during the years 1920 and 1921. These fluctuations may not have been due to stresses he suffered from the disaster, but rather market forces with demand for fine laces and novelties low during the First World War and high again when peace resumed. Charles Hardwick died on 1 March 1923, though the court ruling states that it was not due to injuries sustained by the Lusitania disaster. His widow Charlotte became his universal legatee and executrix. His two sons, Ambrose H. and Charles C., Jr., at the time of his death were 24 and 18 years of age respectively.

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