Mr. Arnold Leslie Rhys-Evans

Arnold Rhys-Evans, 23, was a British national from Cardiff, Wales, and secretary to Member of Parliament David Alfred Thomas. He was traveling aboard Lusitania with Thomas and Thomas' daughter, Margaret Mackworth. All three of them survived the Lusitania disaster. During the sinking, Rhys-Evans was with D. A. Thomas, and they both entered lifeboat 11 after the lifeboat spilled previously and when the water became level with the boat deck. Thomas pushed a woman with a baby into the lifeboat before jumping in himself. Lifeboat 11 was picked up by the fishing trawler Wanderer, also known as Peel 12. When the Wanderer became overcrowded, Thomas and Rhys-Evans were transferred to the rescue vessel Flying Fish. Contributors: Jim Kalafus, USA Michael Poirier, USA

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