Mr. Harold Mayne Daly

Harold Mayne Daly (1880 - 1965), 35, a British subject from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was the son of Thomas Mayne Daly. Harold was going to England to deliver the Dominion Government ballot boxes. On board the Lusitania, he was assigned cabin D-4. His friends on board included Margaret, Lady Mackworth and Norman Ratcliff. Daly was born on 23 April 1880, the son of Thomas Mayne Daly, Jr. of Stratford, Ontario and Margaret Annabella Jarvis from Ottawa, Ontario. Daly's great-great grandparents were from Ireland, and his grandfather, Thomas Mayne Daly, Sr., had been mayor of Brandon, Manitoba, Reeve of North Easthop, Perth County, Ontario, a member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, mayor of Stratford, and member of the Canadian House of Commons. On the day of the disaster, Daly was playing solitaire, which another passenger had taught him to play. During the last few moments, he bought a cigar from the bartender who told him to get out. No sooner did Daly exit the door of the lounge, the water washed him overboard. He said the curious thing was that he was among a different set of people than who he had seen on deck when the ship sank, to which he attributed to the ship striking bottom, before she sank. The Daly house in Brandon, Manitoba is now a museum.

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