Mr. James Paul Gray

James Paul Gray, 59, was a British citizen who resided in Oakland, California, United States.  He was aboard Lusitania en route to a reunion with his wife in Scotland, travelling in the company of his daughter-in-law, Terence Florence Gray and his grandson, Stuart James . By his own account, he spent most of his free time on the Lusitania in the company of his grandson. He did not see his family after the torpedoing, and was carried down with the Lusitania when the ship sank.  Badly injured, he spent two hours atop an overturned collapsible before being brought aboard the Indian Empire. Despite severe injuries, James spent 48 hours searching for the bodies of Terence and Stuart.  He was later able to find out what had happened to Terence and Stuart from Maud Turpin.
She [Carrie Gray, his wife] hurried to the bedside of her stricken husband whose condition was precarious . . . James Paul Gray expended substantial amounts for surgical and medical attention and nursing made necessary by the injuries sustained by him in the wreck of the Lusitania, from which he suffered until his death on September 13th, 1922. (Mixed Claims summary)
Carrie Gray was awarded $10,000.00 by the Mixed Claims Commission for the premature loss of her husband.

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