Mr. James W. Shineman

James Shineman, 29, was a United States national traveling to Scotland to visit the family of his newly-wed wife, Margaret Shineman. James and Margaret were transfers from the ship Cameronia who were transferred to Lusitania when the Cameronia was requisitioned by the British Admiralty. The Shinemans traveled second cabin aboard Lusitania. Both Margaret and James were lost in the Lusitania disaster. Both of their bodies were recovered, his was #18 by Doolin and Aran and hers was #3 by Kinsale. James Shineman was a native-born citizen of the United States. As his family lived in Illinois at the time of his death, Illinois was presumably his home state. James was employed at a ranch near Oil City, Wyoming, where he met Margaret McKenzie of Shieldaig, Scotland. James and Margaret were married on 19 April 1915. The Shinemans' trip on the Cameronia was to be their honeymoon, where they would see Margaret's family in Lochcarron, Scotland. James is buried at Carrigaholt, County Clare. His wife, Margaret is buried in the St. Multose Church in Kinsale, Ireland. In 1925, the Mixed Claims Commission awarded the First Trust and Savings Bank of Casper, Wyoming, as administrators of the late James Shineman's estate, $750.00 for property lost during the Lusitania sinking.

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James and Margaret Shineman at the Mixed Claims Commission
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