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Mixed Claims Commission

Following the Lusitania disaster, a number of survivors and relatives of victims sued the Government of Germany for compensation. After the defeat of the Central Powers in World War I, the German Government agreed to the lawsuits as stipulated by the Treaty of Berlin, signed August 25, 1921. The Mixed Claims Commission was the arbiter that decided how much each claimant would receive in compensation from the German Government. The following are the claims made by relatives of survivors and victims of the Lusitania disaster. Effort has been made to preserve the original grammar and spelling as in the original text of the Mixed Claims Commission. Not all claims were in the published book of the Mixed Claims Commission, and thus as of yet have not been transcribed for this website.








TO JUNE 30, 1925

Page 17: Opinion in the Lusitania Cases. Page 103: Opinion and Decisions in Life-Insurance Claims. Certificate of Disagreement and statement of the American Commissioner.
Docket No(s). Claimant Passenger(s) represented Ticket Page
2262 Maud Thompson de Gennes Elbridge Blish Thompson, decedent Saloon 213
594 Mary Barchard Williams Emond E. Barchard, decedent Second cabin 221
FEBRUARY 21, 1924.
4 May Davies Hopkins et al. Albert Lloyd Hopkins, decedent Saloon 353
7 Arthur Courtlandt Luck et al. Charlotte F. Luck, Elbridge C. Luck, and Kenneth F. Luck, decedents Saloon 355
46 Samuel James Ferguson Mary Ferguson and son (Edward Ferguson), decedents Third class 357
65 Thirza Ann Foley, etc. Arthur R. Foley, decedent Second cabin 358
157 Peter Kenneth McHardy, etc. Annie R. McHardy, decedent Second cabin 359
217, 293, 544 William Atkins et al. and Emily Duncan Tesson et al. Frank B. Tesson and Alice E. Tesson, decedents Saloon 361
218, 529 Henry W. Williamson et al. and Ellen Williamson Hodges, Administratrix Charles Francis Williamson, decedent Saloon 364
221 Patrick John Slattery Patrick John Slattery, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 367
222 Henry Groves and Joseph Groves George Groves, decedent Third class 367
223 Charles Robinson et al. Charles E. H. Robinson, decedent Saloon 369
224 Charles Rose Prudence Mary Robinson, decedent Saloon 370
225 Mary Anne Baker, etc. Millie A. Baker, decedent Saloon 372
232 Margaret Lavinia Kellett et al. Francis Kellet, decedent Saloon 373
233 Hettie D. Allen, etc. Dorothy D. Allen, decedent Saloon 374
234 Martha A. Gretton, etc. Winifred Barker, decedent; Martha A. Barker (now Gretton), personal injuries Second cabin 376
235 Robert Dyer Robert Dyer, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 377
237 Andrew Kerr Hannah Tulloch, decedent (and James Tulloch, decedent) Second cabin 378
238 Cora A. Page John H. Page, decedent Saloon 379
239 Ellen Candlish, etc. Arthur Candlish, decedent; Ellen Candlish, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 381
240 Terrence Joseph Condon, etc. Della Doyle Condon, decedent Second cabin 382
241 Dorothy Conner Dugger Dorothy Conner (now Dugger), personal injuries, etc. Saloon 383
244 Frederic Warren Pearl et al. two children (Susan Warren & Amy Warren Whitewright), decedents; Amy Lea Pearl, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 385
245 Bessie Ellms Bloomfield Thomas Bloomfield, decedent Saloon 386
257 Belle Saunders Naish, etc. Theodore Naish, decedent; Belle Saunders Naish, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 388
262 Estate of Max M. Schwarcz et al. Max M. Schwarcz, decedent Saloon 389
263 and 264 Millicent Harwood Hartt, etc. Charles Harwood Knight and Elaine Harwood Knight, decedents Saloon 391
265 Daniel Virgil Moore Daniel Virgil Moore, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 393
269 Roger Howell Davis et al. Anne Davis, decedent Second cabin 394
270 Elizabeth Jane Brammer Elizabeth Jane Brammer and Edith Brammer, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 396
273 Bertha V. Trumbull et al. Isaac B. Trumbull, decedent Saloon 397
274 and 481 Levi B. Griesemer and Mary B. Hodges, etc. William Sterling Hodges, Sara Griesemer Hodges, and two children (William Sterling Hodges, Jr. and Dean Winston Hodges), decedents Saloon 398
275 Anna B. Mills, etc. Charles Veitch Mills, decedent Saloon 400
277 Blanche Frances Salt et al. Henry Jordan Salt, decedent Second cabin 401
278 Florence Larke et al. Edwin Twining, decedent Third class 403
279 Winnifred Houghton Brown Keay et al. William H. H. Brown, decedent Saloon 404
288 Charles E. Worden, etc. Jane G. Worden, decedent Second cabin 405
289 Hepzibah Vernon Butler George Lay [sic] Pearce Butler (George Vernon), decedent Saloon 407
290 and 292 Ogden Haggerty Hammond et al. Mary Picton Stevens Hammond, decedent; Ogden Haggerty Hammond, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 409
291 Edward Dingley Catherine Glenn Dingley, decedent Second cabin 411
404 and 405 Charles H. Rosenthal, Administrator, and Edwin H. Shields and Albert Mills, Administrators Retta C. Shields and Victor E. Shields, decedents Saloon 412
416 James H. Brooks James H. Brooks, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 415
430, 431, and 432 Elizabeth McKechan, Robert McKechan, et al. James McKechan, decedent; Elizabeth and Campbell B. McKechan, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 416
433 Robert Rankin Robert Rankin, loss of personal property Saloon 418
434 James Tilly Houghton James Tilly Houghton, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 419
435 Oscar F. Grab Oscar F. Grab, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 420
466 Virginia Loney Gamble et al. Allen D. Loney and Catherine [sic] Wolfe Loney, decedents Saloon 421
494 Samuel Elliott Hume Mary Agnes Hume, decedent Second cabin 423
495 James Connolly et al. Michael Connolly, decedent Third class 424
SEPTEMBER 19, 1924.
236 Thomas C. Miller et al. James B. Miller, decedent Saloon 425
243 Lindell T. Bates et al. Lindon Bates, Jr., decedent Saloon 427
280 Alfred H. Brodrick et al. Carlton Thayer Brodrick, decedent Saloon 429
407 Catherine Henry and John Henry Catherine Henry, personal injuries,etc. Third class 431
464 Richard R. Freeman et al. Richard R. Freeman, Jr., decedent Saloon 433
SEPTEMBER 24, 1924.
226 and 272 Gladys Bilicke et al. Albert Clay Bilicke, decedent; Gladys Bilicke, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 435
260 Patrick O'Donnell Patrick O'Donnell, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 438
417 and 418 Richard J. Hickson etc. Catherine [sic] J. Hickson and Caroline Hickson Kennedy, decedents Saloon 439
420 Daniel Frohman et al. Charles Frohman, decedent Saloon 444
OCTOBER 2, 1924.
25 Albert Jackson Byington Albert Jackson Byington, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 448
261 Margaret Beattie James A. Beattie, decedent; Margaret Beattie, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 449
422 Marjorie R. Weaver, etc. Edwin W. Friend, decedent Saloon 450
437 and 438 Elbert Hubbard II et al. Elbert Hubbard and Alice Hubbard, decedents Saloon 452
474, 465, and 477 Charles Ambrose Plamondon, Jr., et al Charles A. Plamondon and Mary Mackin Plamondon, decedents Saloon 457
OCTOBER 8, 1924.
421 and 2022 Violet McCauley et al. and William M. Baldwin et al. Harry B. Baldwin and Mary Margaret Baldwin, decedents Saloon 462
465 Mary Callan et al. Patrick Callan, decedent Second cabin 464
532 Jessie Taft Smith and John W. Smith Jessie Taft Smith, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 465, 471, 472, 473
JANUARY 7, 1925.
207 Frederick J. Pickard Frederick J. Pickard, personal injuries, etc. Third class 474
2052 John Hamilton, etc. Isabelle Murrhead Hamilton, decedent Second cabin 475
2054 Edward Gibbons, etc. Michael Gibbons, decedent Third class 476
2056 William James Carson et al. John Catherwood and Maria Catherwood, decedents Second cabin 477
2188 Joseph W. Frankum et al. Annie Mariah B. Frankum and two children (Frederick Frankum and Winifred Frankum), decedents Third class 479
2190 Sara Todd, etc. Margaret Todd Millar, decedent Second cabin 480
2191 J. J, Smith, etc. Evan Jones, decedent Third class 481
2192 May Garry Kindy et al. Christopher Garry, decedent Second cabin 482
2193 Joseph E. Marks Elizabeth Marks and Georgina Marks, decedents Third class 483
2196 George Robshaw Edith Robshaw, decedent Third class 484
2198 William Stevenson, etc. Janet W. Stevenson and infant (Elizabeth Stevenson), decedents Second cabin 485
2202 George Robshaw Florence Lockwood and two children (Clifford Lockwood and Lillian Lockwood), decedents Third class 486
2206 George A. Anderson Margaret S. Anderson, decedent Second cabin 487
2218 Arthur Withington et al. Lothrop Withington, decedent Saloon 488
2265 Daniel Taylor Brown Daniel Taylor Brown, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 489
2481 J. H. Spurgeon et al. John Ferguson, decedent Second cabin 490
4620 Alfred Baxter, etc. Allan W. Robinson, decedent Third class 491
533 Patrick J. McGovern et al. Mary G. McGovern, decedent Second cabin 492
601 Macpherson Crichton et al. Mabel Gardner Crichton, decedent Saloon 493
619 Estate of Samuel M. Knox Samuel M. Knox, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 495
1330 Ethel Dekle Strobel et al. Thomas James Silva, decedent Saloon 496
1332 Scott Turner Scott Turner, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 497
1336, 1337 Floyd Bringhurst Keser et al. Harry J. Keser and Mary Floyd Keser, decedents Saloon 500
2040 Estate of Wilhelmina B. Sonneborn et al. Henry B. Sonneborn, decedent Saloon 502
2055 Lora M. Medbury, etc. Maurice B. Medbury, decedent Saloon 504
2200 Louis H. Schwabacher et al. Leo M. Schwabacher, decedent Saloon 506
2205 Fred J. Milford Fred J. Milford, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 508
2217 Isaac Lehmann Isaac Lehmann, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 509
2271 Genevieve Cox Bancroft et al. William Blanchard Bancroft, Jr., decedent Second cabin 510
2488 Elda E. Foss et al. Carl E. Foss, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 512
2489 Katherine Coughlin et al. John J. Coughlin and daughter Margaret, decedents Third class 513
JANUARY 14, 1925.
2057 First Trust and Savings Bank, Casper, Wyo., Administrators, Etc. James W. Shineman and Margaret McKenzie Shineman, decedents Second cabin 516
2264 William H. Chapman, Administrator, etc. William Mustoe Kinch, decedent Second cabin 518
2269 Liberty B. Ware, Executor, etc. Eunice Kinch, decedent Second cabin 519
2490 Peter W. Harris et al. Catherine Gill, decedent Second cabin 520
406 and 620 Carlos M. Fisher, Administrator, etc., and Joseph Hurley et al. Charles E. Hurley, decedent Third class 522
580 Theodate Pope Riddle Theodate Pope (now Riddle), personal injuries, etc. Saloon 524
591 Mary McCormick Stone et al. Herbert Stuart Stone, decedent Saloon 525
597 and 598 Sarah Jane Lund Hornberger et al. Charles Henry Lund, decedent; Sarah Jane Lund (now Hornberger), personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 527
2189 Thomas Vance et al. John Vance, decedent Second cabin 528
2203 Joseph L. Myers Joseph L. Myers, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 530
2207 John W. Wren, etc. Timothy J. Driscoll, decedent Third class 532
2485 Guaranty Trust Company of New York, Executor, etc. Amelia Macdona, decedent Saloon 534
2559 Charlotte A. Hardwick et al. Charles C. Hardwick, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 535
2561 David J. Sherlock et al. William F. Colbert and Helena M. Colbert, decedents Second cabin 537
2562 Thomas Kelly et al. Margaret S. Kelly, decedent Second cabin 539
2571 Katherine S. Thorne et al. Catherine E. Willey, decedent Saloon 541
JANUARY 30, 1925.
592 Frank I. Proctor, Executor, et al. Charles Henry Stevens, decedent Second cabin 542
2199 Selina E. Candlish et al. Arthur Candlish, decedent Second cabin 544
2263 Seligman A. Myers et al. Herman A. Myers, decedent Saloon 547
2557 William Hiram Gray et al. Terence Florence Gray and son (Stuart Gray), decedents; James Paul Gray, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 549
FEBRUARY 11, 1925.
267 Hannah J. Seccombe Elizabeth A. Seccombe and Percy Seccombe, decedents Saloon 551
FEBRUARY 18, 1925.
2492 Cora Kessler et al. George A. Kessler, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 553
FEBRUARY 25, 1925.
93 Gladys Mary Baylies Charles F. Fowles, decedent; (and Frances May Fowles, decedent) Saloon 554
476 Philip Klein et al. Charles Klein, decedent Saloon 556
622 Roland [sic] Anderson, etc. Emily P. Anderson and Barbara Winnifred [sic] Anderson, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 559
1263 Cyril Herbert Emanuel Bretherton Elizabeth Bretherton, decedent; Nora [sic] Annie Bretherton and son (Paul Bretherton), personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 561
2053 Mary Ellen Carroll et al. Margaret Kenny [sic] and daughter (Mary Kenney), decedents Second cabin 562
2186 John Waters et al. Catherine Waters and Margaret Waters, decedents Second cabin 564
2246 Nels Johnson, etc. Sven Johanson [sic] (Johnson), decedent Third class 566
2247 Dora Burke Ernest James Burke, decedent Third class 567
2501 Charles George Edward Surman et al. Mabel Annie Surman, decedent Third class 569
MARCH 5, 1925.
530 and 637 Gertrude Adams et al. and William McMillan Adams Arthur Henry Adams, decedent; William McMillan Adams, personal injuries, etc. Saloon 570
579 and 581 Ward Edgerly Pearson et al. Fred Stark Pearson and Mabel Ward Pearson, decedents Saloon 572
596 Elizabeth Mounsey et al. William Mounsey, decedent Second cabin 577
2208 Robert J. Ewart Robert J. Ewart, personal injuries, etc. Second cabin 580
2558 John Williams et al. Annie Millman Williams and four children (George Albert, Ethel, Florence, and David), decedents Third class 582
4065 Mary O'Brien et al. Owen Connelly, decedent Engineering crew 585
MARCH 11, 1925.
2201 Elizabeth Ann Harrison et al. Herbert K. Harrison, decedent Second cabin 586
MARCH 19, 1925.
639 Josephine Lawson-Johnston Josephine Brandell (now Lawson-Johnston), personal injuries, etc. Saloon 590
2050 Beatrice Brown Witherbee et al. May C. Brown and Alfred S. Witherbee, Jr., decedents; Beatrice Brown Witherbee (now Jolivet), personal injuries, etc. Saloon 591
2187 Margaret Emerson Baker et al. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, decedent Saloon 593
2266 Caroline M. Bridge et al. Justus Miles Forman, decedent Saloon 595
2560 Anna L. Stansfield et al. Thomas B. King, decedent Saloon 597
3982 Jeannette A. Mitchelhill et al. William Mitchelhill, decedent Second cabin 600
APRIL 2, 1925.
2049 Louis Friedman et al. Samuel Friedman, decedent Second cabin 607

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