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Mrs. H. Arnold Lohden (Sarah Rose Mary Arnold)

Sarah Rose Lohden, 38, resided at Balmy Beach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was traveling with her eleven-year-old daughter, Elise. Both mother and daughter survived the disaster. The following is her account:
All during the voyage we were all talking of submarines. It seemed people could do nothing but discuss the possibility of attack. I had a presentiment we would be struck. I could not sleep night after night, but walked the decks, thinking what must happen. On Friday, immediately after a meal I was on the promenade deck with my daughter. Looking over the deck I saw the periscope of a submarine… A big explosion followed. It was then ten minutes past two. There was a scene of great confusion. Many boats failed to get off. A young Spaniard, Vincente Egana of Bilbao, showed great gallantry. He saw Elsie and myself into the last boat that left, then went back and brought other women and children. The scene as the ship sank was terrible. The whole surface of the water seemed covered with floating articles, particularly deck chairs, among which multitudes of struggling people fought for life. As the ship heeled over, a funnel came almost on top of us, brushing by me.  We were caught in the wireless rigging, but finally got free. We were four and a half hours in the open sea before our boat was rescued with about twenty men and women, and two children. The most moving case I witnessed was Mrs. Adams; I believe the wife of a soldier. She had a two year old baby. She fell into the sea clasping it; caught a steamer chair; put the baby on it and held it there, she floating by its side. As we drew near we saw the baby was already dead from drowning and exposure. We went to pull her in to the boat. “Let me bury my dead child first” she whispered. She let the babe sink as we dragged her in.
The Lohdens were photographed in Queenstown with Edwin Collis, Dora Wolfenden, Harriet Plank, and Frederick Milford.

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