Lusitania Passenger List

Selected RMS Lusitania passengers have individual biographies.

Lusitania Passenger List, Crossing 202

1 May 1915, New York to Liverpool

Saloon (1st Class) Passengers
290 RMS Lusitania 1st class passengers, 113 survived, 177 died.
All 1st class passengers have individual biographies.

2nd Cabin (2nd Class) Passengers
601 RMS Lusitania 2nd class passengers, 229 survived, 372 died.

3rd Class Passengers
373 RMS Lusitania 3rd class (steerage) passengers, 134 survived, 239 died.

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  1. My grandfather, Joaquin M. De Uriarte, a mexican national, was working for Mr. Pearson at the time and was supposed to be on board with him but, a few days before departure, was sent by Mr. Pearson to Cleveland to iron out a few details about some machinery for a project Pearson had in Barcelona.
    My grandfather took care of those details and rushed back, arriving at the pier still in time to see the smoke plume of the ship vanish in the distance.
    He worked for a few more months at one of Pearson’s many companies in NYC but had to seek other employment as most of Pearson’s companies fell in disarray following his death.
    My grandmother showed me the boarding ticket back in 1975 but God only knows what happened to it following her death.

  2. For second class passengers Mr. and Mrs. Loynd I believe their last address was Ottawa, Illinois, rather than Ottawa, Ontario. Richmond, Indiana, was the home of Mrs. Loynd’s sister where the couple visited on their way to the Luistania after leaving Ottawa.

    • Mr & Mrs Tulloch were on board with their 11 month old baby girl Hannah.
      They were traveling 2nd class.
      Does anybody have any information,as i was told that they went down with the ship.

  3. My gran aunt sailed on the lusitania from New York on the I’ll fated journey Mary Ann Murray aged 26 travelling home to Co.Cavan Ireland in one ships manifest I read her to be unknown.She was travelling as a 3rd. Class passenger, coming home at the insistence of her mother to find a man and settle down.but unfortunately was not to be.
    She was from Swanlinbarr, Co. Cavan,Ireland. Her parents were Philip and Margaret Murray .
    If the record could be changed to note the above facts.
    Eamonn Mc Kiernan.

    • Hi Eamonn, I see a “Mary Murray” in third class. Maybe she is the same person as your gran aunt? For some reason I have her listed as having visited Cuba, but I don’t have any other evidence to say that she was living or visiting there. Maybe you can shed some further light?

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  5. My great Aunt Miss Sarah McLellan was on second class when the ship sank. She was born in Scotland Kirkcudbright area !!! but moved to US that’s all I know about her.

  6. My Great grandfather traveled to the U.S. On the Lusitania from Ireland and made it here on May 7th 1915

  7. My great grandfather on my mother’s side was James William Beaumont who is listed as a second class passenger who did not survive….I am very interested in any details I can un cover. Was his body retrieved? my mothers maiden name was Beaumont.

  8. I have a pamphlet. Titled the Experiences of A.H.Adams & W.McM.Adams on the Lusitania.
    In memory of my dear father Arthur Henry Adams and all other heroes of the “Lusitania”
    8 Cumberland Terrace Regent’s Park London NW.
    Professionally printed, 10 pages.The sons account of the sinking of the “Lusitania.

  9. I’m hoping to do a film about the Lusitania which briefly depicts the launching and the maiden voyage and predominantly takes place during the final voyage, the sinking and the aftermath as well. For trying to be as accurate as possible, I would like to see a passenger/crew accommodation list of the ship’s maiden voyage in 1907.

  10. My great Uncle , Frank Topping said goodbye to his Wife and child in New York , they never found their bodies , is there a list of passengers

    • I have a photocopy of the ships passenger list sept 7th 1907. Maiden voyage Liverpool

      I will be notified by e mail if this list has any interest.