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Engineering Crew List

Lusitania's engineering crew manifest for crossing 202, New York to Liverpool, departing on 1 May 1915. Engineering department: 313 crew members, 112 saved, 201 lost. A sortable version is available in Excel format in the downloads section. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S TV W X Y Z Italics indicate survivor.
Name Age Position Citizenship Residence Lifeboat Rescue Vessel Body Number
ANDERSON, Mr. William Affleck Senior 5th Engineer British 52
ASHE, Mr. John Trimmer British
BARRETT, Mr. Daniel 18 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
BARRY, Mr. W. 26 Fireman British (Irish)
BATT, Mr. George Trimmer British
BEATTIE, Mr. James Fireman British
BEGGS, Mr. John Senior 6th Engineer British
BOWEN, Mr. Henry Fireman British
BRADLEY, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
BREEN, Mr. James Leading Fireman British
BRENNAN, Mr. John Trimmer British
BRENNAN, Mr. Patrick 47 Greaser British (Irish) Liverpool, England
BRENNAN, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
BRIDGE, Mr. William Fireman British
BROWN, Mr. James Fireman British
BROWN, Mr. John Fireman British
BROWNE, Mr. Patrick 24 Trimmer British (Irish) Kilboyne, Co. Mayo, Ireland
BRYCE, Mr. Archie 54 Chief Engineer British
BURKE, Mr. James Trimmer British
BURNS, Mr. John James Leading Fireman British
BURNS, Mr. Joseph Fireman British
BURNS, Mr. Peter Trimmer British
BUTLER, Mr. Joseph Fireman British
CAIN, Mr. Thomas 54 Fireman British 177
CAMPBELL, Mr. Charles Trimmer British
CAMPBELL, Mr. Patrick 35 Fireman British (Irish) Newry, Co. Down, Ireland
CARRIBINE, Mr. Bernard 43 Fireman British
CARROLL, Mr. Thomas Leading Fireman British
CASEY, Mr. James Fireman British 39
CASEY, Mr. Joseph Fireman British
CASEY, Mr. Patrick 48 Fireman British
CASSIDY, Mr. Bernard 59 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
CHADWICK, Mr. Jacob Fireman British
CHESTER, Mr. Michael Fireman British
COADY, Mr. James 53 Fireman British (Irish) 153
COCKBURN, Mr. Andrew 44 Senior 2nd Engineer British Indian Empire
COLE, Mr. William Henry Second Intermediate 3rd Engineer British
COLLINS, Mr. James Lord Trimmer British
COLLINS, Mr. Patrick 35 Fireman British (Irish)
COLWELL, Mr. William J. Trimmer British
CONLON, Mr. Bernard Trimmer British
CONNELLY, Mr. Owen 51 Trimmer British New York, NY, USA
COONEY, Mr. Michael, Jr. 20 Fireman British
COONEY, Mr. Michael, Sr. 40 Fireman British
CORBOY, Mr. Michael 49 Fireman British (Irish)
COSTELLO, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
COYNE, Mr. Patrick (Coyle) 24 Trimmer British (Irish) Ballyheane, Co. Mayo, Ireland
CROSS, Mr. Andrew Fireman British
CRUMBY, Mr. Stephen Fireman British
CULSHAW, Mr. William Fireman British
CURRAN, Mr. Patrick 44 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
CUSHION, Mr. Michael Trimmer British
DALEY, Mr. Daniel 42 Fireman British (Irish) Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland
DALRYMPLE, Mr. James Refrigeration Greaser British
DAVIES, Mr. J. Trimmer British
DAVIES, Mr. John Trimmer British
DAVIS, Mr. Frederick Trimmer British
DELVIN, Mr. Henry Fireman British
DONNELLY, Mr. John Fireman British
DONNELLY, Mr. Peter Fireman British
DONOGHUE, Mr. Peter Greaser British
DONOVAN, Mr. William Fireman British
DOUGHERTY, Mr. William (Pitchford) Fireman British
DOWNEY, Mr. Edward Trimmer British
DOYLE, Mr. John 35 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
DOYLE, Mr. Joseph Trimmer British
DOYLE, Mr. Peter 32 Leading Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
DUCKWORTH, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
DUGGAN, Mr. John 31 Trimmer British (Irish) Kirkdale, Lancashire, England
DUNCAN, Mr. Alexander Junior 2nd Engineer British
DUNCAN, Mr. Peter Robinson 31 Senior 4th Engineer British
DUNCAN, Mr. Robert Henry 34 First Senior 3rd Engineer British
DUNN, Mr. Albert Charles 30 Intermediate 6th Engineer British
DUNN, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
DWYER, Mr. James 20 Trimmer British (Irish) Co. Wexford, Ireland
DWYER, Mr. John Fireman British
DYER, Mr. John Trimmer British
EDWARDS, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
ELLIOTT, Mr. James Fireman British
ENGLISH, Mr. Michael Fireman British
ENNIS, Mr. John Greaser British
EVANS, Mr. David Leading Fireman British
EVANS, Mr. Robert Trimmer British
FAIRELOUGH, Mr. Robert Donkeyman British
FAIRHURST, Mr. Wilfred George First Intermediate 3rd Engineer British
FARRELL, Mr. John Fireman British
FARRELL, Mr. John Fireman British
FEARON, Mr. Peter 30 Greaser British
FENTON, Mr. Colin Stanley Moorhouse Deck Engineer British
FERNANDEZ, Mr. Eduardo Fireman British
FIELDS, Mr. William Trimmer British
FINNEGAN, Mr. Edward 22 Trimmer British (Irish) Co. Monaghan, Ireland
FitzGERALD, Mr. John Electric Attendant British  Liverpool, England
FORD, Mr. John 45 Fireman British 55
FORREST, Mr. John Fireman British
FRENCH, Mr. Edward Stanley Fireman British
GALLAGHER, Mr. George Fireman British
GARDNER, Mr. Alfred Trimmer British
GAUL, Mr. Richard Greaser British (Irish) Drinagh, Co. Wexford, Ireland
GAVAN, Mr. Peter 30 Trimmer British (Irish) Co. Mayo, Ireland
GOODMAN, Mr. B. Trimmer British
GOULD, Mr. Richard 34 Senior Boilermaker British
GRANT, Mr. Michael 36 Fireman British (Irish)
GREGORY, Mr. John Henry Trimmer British
GRIFFITHS, Mr. Samuel Herman Refrigeration Greaser British
GRIFFITHS, Mr. William Henry Trimmer British
GRUNDY, Mr. George Leading Fireman British
GUNTHER, Mr. Charles Fireman British
HAMEL, Mr. George James Trimmer British
HANLON, Mr. Patrick Trimmer British
HARRIS, Mr. Edward James Trimmer British
HAYES, Mr. John Henry Lamie 30 Junior 5th Engineer British
HESTON, Mr. Patrick Fireman British
HETHERINGTON, Mr. Walter Lewis Third Senior 3rd Engineer British
HILLHOUSE, Mr. Hugh Trimmer British
HODDER, Mr. James Fireman British
HOEY, Mr. James 25 Trimmer British (Irish) Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
HOPKINS, Mr. Patrick 25 Fireman British (Irish) Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland
HORDEN, Mr. Joseph Thomas Greaser British
HORNCASTLE, Mr. William Alfred Trimmer British
HORRIGAN, Mr. Michael Greaser British
HUGHES, Mr. Owen Greaser British
HUGHES, Mr. William Fireman British
HUME, Mr. Archie Trimmer British
HUSSEY, Mr. John Fireman British
HUTCHINSON, Mr. George Chief Electrician British
HUTCHINSON, Mr. George Fireman British
JENKINS, Mr. James Fireman British
JONES, Mr. Hugh Greaser British
JONES, Mr. John Fireman British
JONES, Mr. Michael Trimmer British
JONES, Mr. Richard Ellis 31 Junior 4th Engineer British  22
JONES, Mr. William Ewart Gladstone 29 ? Third Electrician British  Stormcock
KEARNEY, Mr. Patrick 25 Trimmer British (Irish) Crumlin, Co. Mayo, Ireland
KEARNEY, Mr. Thomas 25 Fireman British (Irish) Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland
KEATING, Mr. Philip Fireman British
KEEGAN, Mr. John Ernest  26 Trimmer British  Liverpool, England
KEHOE, Mr. Denis Trimmer British
KELLY, Mr. John Fireman British
KELLY, Mr. Sidney Crawford Intermediate 5th Engineer British
KELLY, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
KENNEDY, Mr. John Trimmer British
KENNEDY, Mr. John James Trimmer British
KENNY, Mr. Joseph Fireman British
KEOGH, Mr. P. Fireman British
KING, Mr. Michael Trimmer British
LAFFEY, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
LARKIN, Mr. James J. Greaser British
LATHAM, Mr. George Second Electrician British
LAWRENCE, Mr. William Fireman British
LAWSON, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
LAWTON, Mr. John Trimmer British
LEA, Mr. James Senior 7th Engineer British
LEATHERS, Mr. Samuel Leading Fireman British
LEE, Mr. Daniel 50 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England 219
LEE, Mr. William Trimmer British
LEECH, Mr. T. First Junior 3rd Engineer British
LEMON, Mr. John Trimmer British
LEWIS, Mr. F. Fireman British
LEWIS, Mr. Joseph Trimmer British
LINTON, Mr. Isaac 48 Fireman British 65
LITTLE, Mr. George Second Senior 3rd Engineer British
LOCKHART, Mr. Peter Fireman British
LOUGHRAN, Mr. Patrick 19 Trimmer British (Irish) Newry, Co. Down, Ireland
LYONS, Mr. Archibald Trimmer British
MADDEN, Mr. John 43 Fireman British 197
MADDEN, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
MALFIAT, Mr. Shef Trimmer Belgian
MALLIN, Mr. William Fireman British
MANAN, Mr. Andrew Trimmer British
MANNING, Mr. John Trimmer British
MANNING, Mr. Peter Fireman British
MARKEY, Mr. Patrick 30 Trimmer British (Irish) Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
MARRION, Mr. John Trimmer British
MARTIN, Mr. Albert Leading Fireman British
McADAM, Mr. Michael Fireman British
McALEAVEY, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
McALEER, Mr. James Trimmer British
McATEER, Mr. Francis Fireman British Warrenpoint, Co. Down, Ireland
McBRIDE, Mr. Peter 52 Trimmer British (Irish) Ravensdale, Co. Louth, Ireland
McCABE, Mr. Andrew Fireman British
McCABE, Mr. John Alexander Trimmer British
McCABE, Mr. Richard Fireman British
McCANN, Mr. Owen 30 Trimmer British (Irish) Carlingford, Co. Louth, Ireland
McCANN, Mr. Thomas Michael 22 Fireman British (Irish)
McCARTHY, Mr. Bartholomew Fireman British (Irish)
McCARTHY, Mr. Patrick Greaser British
McCLEAN, Mr. Robert Plumber British
McCORMICK, Mr. James 44 Fireman British (Irish)
McCUTCHEON, Mr. Thomas Fireman British (Irish)
McDERMOTT, Mr. Eugene Trimmer (promoted to Fireman) British
McDERMOTT, Mr. Thomas Fireman British
McDONALD, Mr. James Trimmer British
McDONALD, Mr. John Fireman British
McEVOY, Mr. John Refrigeration Greaser British Jonesborough, Co. Armagh, Ireland
McGEOUGH, Mr. Michael 30 Fireman British (Irish) Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
McGINTY, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
McGOWAN, Mr. Joseph Fireman British
McGUGAN, Mr. Donald Trimmer British
McGUGAN, Mr. Walter Trimmer British
McGUINESS, Mr. Bernard Trimmer British
McKENNA, Mr. Bernard 29 Trimmer British (Irish) Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, Ireland
McKENNA, Mr. Frank Trimmer British
McKENNA, Mr. John Trimmer British
McKENNA, Mr. Patrick Fireman British
McKINDREY, Mr. Andrew Trimmer British Newry, Co. Down, Ireland
McLOUGHLIN, Mr. John Greaser British
McMAHON, Mr. P. Fireman British
McMAHON, Mr. Patrick 37 Fireman British (Irish)
McNULTY, Mr. Peter 30 Trimmer British (Irish) Liverpool, England
McPARLAND, Mr. Terence 26 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
McSTAY, Mr. John Fireman British
MELIA, Mr. Patrick 50 Greaser British
MITCHELL, Mr. John Fireman British
MOLDEN, Mr. James Fireman British
MORAN, Mr. James Greaser British (Irish) Erren, Co. Mayo, Ireland
MORAN, Mr. Patrick Fireman British (Irish) Erren, Co. Mayo, Ireland
MORRICE, Mr. David Junior 6th Engineer British
MORRIS, Mr. John Trimmer British
MURPHY, Mr. Dennis 23 Fireman British
MURPHY, Mr. James Fireman British (Irish) Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland
MURPHY, Mr. Matthew 58 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
MYLASKA, Mr. C. Fireman British
MYLES, Mr. Peter 17 Trimmer British
NEEDHAM, Mr. John Trimmer British
NEEDHAM, Mr. Patrick 47 Leading Fireman British
NEWBY, Mr. John Fireman British
NORMAN, Mr. Arthur William Fireman British
NORTON, Mr. Bernard Patrick 44 Fireman British (Irish)
O’BRIEN, Mr. Patrick Fireman British
O’CONNELL, Mr. John 19 Fireman British Liverpool, England collapsible Westborough (Katrina)
O’HARE, Mr. Owen 42 Engineers’ Store British 193
O’NEILL, Mr. Bernard Trimmer British
O’NEILL, Mr. James Fireman British
O’NEILL, Mr. Michael 44 Fireman British (Irish) Co. Wexford, Ireland
O’NEILL, Mr. Paul Fireman British
ORANGE, Mr. John 24 Fireman British (Irish)
ORMROD, Mr. James 41 Greaser British
ORMROD, Mr. Thomas 40 Greaser British
OSBORNE, Mr. J. Fireman British
OSTERBURG, Mr. August Fireman Russian (Finnish)
OWENS, Mr. Richard Engineering Storekeeper British
PALMER, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
PATON, Mr. J. F. Steering Engineer Brazilian
PAYNE, Mr. Michael Fireman British
PIMBLETT, Mr. James Refrigeration Greaser British
PLUMMER, Mr. Leslie Fireman British
POWELL, Mr. Edward Trimmer British
POWER, Mr. Daniel Fireman British
QUARRIE, Mr. Walter Scott Ventilation Engineer British
QUINN, Mr. George Greaser British
RAFFERTY, Mr. Joseph 23 Fireman British (Irish)
RAFFERTY, Mr. Patrick Trimmer British
RALPH, Mr. M. Fireman British
RATCLIFF, Mr. Peter Fireman British
REYNOLDS, Mr. Patrick Fireman British
RICE, Mr. Michael 60 Fireman British (Irish) Co. Armagh, Ireland
RICE, Mr. Stephen Fireman British
RIGBY, Mr. G. 24 Fireman British 49
ROACH(E), Mr. James Fireman British
ROBINSON, Mr. William Fireman British
ROGAN, Mr. John Trimmer British
ROSS, Mr. E. W. Fireman British Co. Wexford, Ireland
ROSSITER, Mr. Laurence Fireman British
ROWAN, Mr. Fred 44 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
ROWE, Mr. John Trimmer British
RUDDAN, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
RYAN, Mr. Edward (Rice) Fireman British (Irish)
SAVAGE, Mr. Frank Fireman British
SCANNELL, Mr. Charles 25 Fireman British (Irish) Roberts Cove, Minane Bridge, Co. Cork, Ireland
SCOTT, Mr. C. Fireman British
SHARKEY, Mr. John Electric Attendant British
SHEPHERD, Mr. Ralph Alfred Fireman British
SHERIDAN, Mr. Geoffrey 50 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
SHERIDAN, Mr. Patrick 56 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England
SINNOT, Mr. William Fireman British
SLAVIN, Mr. Owen Trimmer British (Irish) Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
SMITH, Mr. William Thomas Intermediate 2nd Engineer British
SOUTHWOLD, Mr. Henry Greaser British
STAFFORD, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
STANLEY, Mr. H. Fireman British
STANLEY, Mr. J. (Shanley?) Fireman British
SWEENEY, Mr. Jeremiah Fireman British Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland
TAYLOR, Mr. Chris Trimmer British
TAYLOR, Mr. Thomas Trimmer British
TEAR, Mr. Joseph Edward Trimmer British
THOMPSON, Mr. John Trimmer British 196
THOMPSON, Mr. John E. Trimmer British
THOMPSON, Mr. Michael Trimmer British
TIERNEY, Mr. Michael Fireman British
TONER, Mr. Francis "Frank" (Tower) Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England Heron
TOOLE, Mr. James 38 Fireman British (Irish) Liverpool, England 232
TRAINOR, Mr. A. (Thomas Pilcher) Trimmer British
TRAYNOR, Mr. Philip Henry 28 Trimmer British (Irish) Co. Derry, Ireland
TURNER, Mr. Joseph Trimmer British
VOSE, Mr. George Trimmer British
WALSH, Mr. R. Greaser British
WARD, Mr. John Fireman British
WARD, Mr. Michael 28 Fireman British (Irish)
WAREING, Mr. Richard 52 Fireman British
WEBB, Mr. James Trimmer British
WELSH, Mr. Christopher 28 Trimmer British (Irish) Co. Mayo, Ireland 64
WELSH, Mr. Martin 36 Trimmer British
WHEELHOUSE, Mr. Alfred Faulkner Junior 7th Engineer British 258
WHELAN, Mr. John James Fireman British
WHITMORE, Mr. George Fireman British
WIENCKE, Master Paul (son of Paul F. Wiencke) 16 Greaser British Liverpool, England
WIENCKE, Mr. Paul Frederick (Friedriche) (father of Paul Wiencke) 38 Trimmer German Liverpool, England
WILLIAMS, Mr. Sydney Trimmer British
WOOD, Mr. John H. Greaser British
WOODS, Mr. Joseph Fireman British
WYLIE, Mr. Richard G. 31 Third Junior 3rd Engineer British
WYNN, Mr. Peter Trimmer British
Not listed: Michael McGuigan, 43, Trimmer, Newry, Co. Down, Ireland Michael O'Hare, 35, Greaser, Co. Down, Ireland

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