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Lusitania Survivors

Of the 1,960 verified people on board Lusitania, 767 survived.  Four survivors (marked with “*”) died of trauma related to the sinking shortly afterwards, reducing the number saved to 763. The complete passenger and crew manifest is available in the downloads section. Links to biographies to come later.
Name Age Class or Dept Citizenship Lifeboat Rescue Vessel
ABRAMOWITZ, Mr. Solomon "Samuel" 36 2nd Russian 13 Stormcock
ADAMS, Mrs. Albert E. (Gertrude Pollett) 25 ? 2nd British
ADAMS, Mr. Allan H. 42 2nd British
ADAMS, Mrs. Henry (Annie Elizabeth McNutt) 46 Saloon British
ADAMS, Mr. William McMillan 19 Saloon British
ADAMSON, Mr. Thomas 32 Victualling British
AISTON, Mr. Joseph 20 2nd British
AITKEN, Miss Crissy "Chrissie" Nicol Marshall Lizzie Stark 16 2nd British 1 or 3
ALEXAN, Mr. Babajan 30 3rd Russian
ALLAN, Lady Hugh Montagu (Marguerite Ethel MacKenzie) 42 Saloon British collapsible Westborough (Katrina)
ALLEN, Mr. John 2nd British
ALLES, Mr. Nicholas Naftel 50 Saloon USA collapsible Westborough (Katrina)
ALLPORT, Mr. Harry Ride George Victualling British
AMORY, Mrs. Alfred Howard (Phoebe Sledge) 65 2nd British
ANDERSON, Mrs. Rowland (Emily Mary Pybus) 26 2nd British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
ANDERSON, Miss Barbara Winifred 2 2nd British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
ANDERSON, Mr. James Victualling British
ANDERSON, Mr. William Victualling British
ANTILA, Mrs. Aino 25 3rd Russian (Finnish)
ANTILA, Master Carl 4 3rd USA
ANTILA, Master Jan 3 3rd USA
ARCHER, Mr. Joseph Victualling British
ARTER, Mr. James Sydney 33 2nd British collapsible
ASHMAN, Mr. Henry Clifford 27 3rd British
AYALA, Mr. Julian de 45 Saloon Cuban
BABA, Mr. Frank 30 3rd Persian
BABA, Mr. John Jacob 33 3rd Persian
BACKA, Mr. Matthew 28 3rd Russian
BAILEY, Mr. Frederick Richard 40 3rd British swamped lifeboat minesweeper
BAKER, Mr. James 50 Saloon British
BALDWIN, Mr. Edgar Victualling British
BALDWIN, Mr. Thomas 28 Victualling British
BALLANTYNE, Miss Margaret 29 3rd British
BARBOUR, Miss Bessie 2nd British
BARCLAY, Mr. George 30 3rd British
BARKER, Mrs. Thomas (Martha Ann Bullock) 39 2nd USA
BARNES, Allen Byron 43 Saloon British
BARNES, Mr. William 44 Victualling British
BARRETT, Miss May 25 2nd British (Irish)
BARROW, Mr. Donald George M. 25 3rd British
BARRY, Mr. Edward 38 2nd British
BARTLETT, Mr. Edmund Thomas 56 2nd British
BARTLETT, Mrs. George W. B. (Irma Florine Rothschild) 31 Saloon British
BARTLETT, Mr. George Walter Bowers 42 Saloon British
BATT, Mr. George Engineering British
BATTERSBY, Mr. James Johnson 40 Saloon British
BATTLE, Mr. James Deck British (Irish) 3 collapsibles Westborough (Katrina)
BAXTER, Mrs. William (Annie E. Ripley) 39 2nd British
BEATTIE, Mr. Allan Martin 18 2nd British
BEATTIE, Mrs. James Anderson (Margaret White Dall) 58 2nd British
BEAUCHAMP, Mr. William 36 3rd British
BECKETT, Mr. Henry 38 Victualling British
BENJAMIN, Miss Queenie 30 3rd British
BERNARD, Mr. Clinton "Will" Percival 27 Saloon USA
BERNARD, Mr. Oliver Percy 34 Saloon British 11 Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
BESTIC, Mr. Albert Arthur 24 Deck British (Irish) collapsible Bluebell
BIALANS, Mr. Stefan 30 Third Russian
BILBROUGH, Mr. George William 36 2nd British Juno
BILICKE, Mrs. Albert Clay (Gladys Huff) 50 Saloon USA
BIRCHALL, Mr. Henry 2nd British
BIRD, Miss Marian May Victualling British  15 Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
BLANKMAN, Mr. Judka 37 3rd Russian
BOHAN, Mr. James 38 Saloon British
BOND, Mr. Edward Victualling British
BOOTH, Master Nigel Frederick 08-months 2nd British
BOTTOMLEY, Mr. Fred 26 3rd British Heron
BOULTON, Mr. Denis Duncan Harold Owen 23 Saloon British Westborough (Katrina)
BOWDEN, Mr. Joseph 46 Deck British
BOWRING, Mr. Charles Warren 44 Saloon British Bluebell
BOYD, Mr. Fullerton Rimmer 37 Victualling British
BOYLE, Mr. James 28 3rd British
BOZENOF, Mr. Dennis 34 3rd Russian
BOZENOF, Mr. Philate 35 3rd Russian
BRAMMER, Miss Edith 8 2nd British
BRAMMER, Mrs. Richard H. (Elizabeth Jane Bott) 32 2nd British
BRANDELL, Miss Josephine Mary 23 Saloon British x, 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
BRENNAN, Mr. John Engineering British
BRENNAN, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
BRETHERTON, Mrs. Cyril Herbert Emanuel (Norah Annie Keating) 32 2nd USA 13 Stormcock
BRETHERTON, Master Paul 3 2nd USA 13 Stormcock
BRIDGE, Mr. William Engineering British
BROOKS, Mr. James "Jay" Ham 41 Saloon USA collapsible Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
BROWN, Mr. John Engineering British
BROWN, Mr. Daniel Taylor 43 2nd British
BROWN, Mr. James H. 29 Victualling British
BROWN, Mr. William 31 3rd British
BROWNLIE, Mrs. Thomas (Margaret McKennon) 41 2nd British
BRYCE, Mr. Hugh B. 33 2nd British
BRYCE, Mrs. Hugh B. (Annabelle Anderson) 33 2nd British
BUDRIN, Mr. Antoni 50 3rd Russian
BURDON, Mrs. Andrew Thompson (Ellen Mary Rickwood) 24 Second British
BURDON, Master Robert P. 14-months Second British
BURGESS, Mr. Henry George 37 Saloon British
BURNS, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
BURNSIDE, Mrs. Thomas David Meldrum (Josephine Smyth Eaton) 49 Saloon British
BURROWS, Master William 15 Victualling British
BUSWELL, Mr. Peter 26 Saloon British
BYINGTON, Mr. Albert Jackson 40 Saloon USA 17
BYRNE, Mr. Michael G. 47 Saloon USA Flying Fish
CAIRNS, Mr. Robert Wishart 49 Saloon British 14
CALDICOTT, Mr. Samuel 32 Victualling British
CAMPBELL, Miss Ada Mena 31 Second British
CAMPBELL, Mrs. William (Amy E. Oliver) 33 Second British
CANDLISH, Mrs. Arthur (Ellen Gardner) 30 Second USA
CARRIBINE, Mr. Bernard 43 Engineering British
CARROLL, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
CASEY, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
CHADWICK, Mr. Jacob Engineering British
CHAMBERS, Mr. Guy Winstaney P. 36 Second British
CHAPMAN, Mrs. William Henry (Ellen Elizabeth Nottingham) 59 Saloon British
CHARLES, Miss Doris Maud 21 Saloon British
CHARLES, Mr. Joseph Henry 48 Saloon British
CHARLTON, Mr. George J. 53 Victualling British
CHISHOLM, Mr. Robert Daniel Fletcher 33 Victualling British
CLARK, Master Robert James 15 Victualling British
CLARKE, Reverend Charles Cowley 64 Saloon British 11 Wanderer (Peel 12)
CLARKE, Mr. James Victualling British
CLINTON, Mr. George Deck British
CLYDE, Mr. Neil Deck British
COCKBURN, Mr. Andrew 44 Engineering British Indian Empire
COCKBURN, Mr. Guy Rosebery 31 Second British
COLEBROOK, Mr. Herbert Gladstone 35 Saloon British
COLEMAN, Miss Susan 22 (?) Second British
COLLINS, Mr. James Victualling British
COLLIS, Mr. Edwin Martin 38 Second USA
COLWELL, Mr. William J. Engineering British
COMERFORD, Mr. Thomas 31 Victualling British (Irish)
CONLON, Mr. Bernard Engineering British
CONNER, Miss Dorothy 25 Saloon USA minesweeper
COOK, Mr. William George 38 Third British
COOPER, Mr. Frederick Victualling British
COUGHLIN, Master Jeremiah Bernard 11-months Third USA
COUGHLIN, Master John, Jr. 3 Third USA
COUGHLAN, Mrs. John (Katherine O'Neil) 40 Third British
COWAN, Mr. Alex Victualling British
COWPER, Mr. Ernest Sedgwick 32 Second British 13 Stormcock
COX, Master Desmond Francis 17-months Second British 15?
COX, Mrs. Samuel J. (Margaret Elizabeth Robinson) 27 Second British 15?
CRAIGIE, Mrs. Margaret 40 Victualling British
CRAWFORD, Mr. Thomas Victualling British
CRITCHISON, Mr. Stanley Lascelles 31 Second British Heron
CROSBIE, Miss Agnes 24 Third British
CROSS, Mr. Ambrose Betham 38 Saloon British
CROSS, Mr. Andrew Engineering British
CROSSLEY, Mr. Cyrus 37 Second British
CROSSLEY, Mrs. Cyrus (Sylvia Ellen Milsom) 34 Second British
CRUMBY, Mr. Stephen Engineering British
CULSHAW, Mr. William Engineering British
CUNNINGHAM, Mr. Edward Deck British
CURRIE, Mr. George Victualling British
CUSHION, Mr. Michael Engineering British
CZERTOWICZ, Mr. Marcin 48 Third Russian (Polish)
DALRYMPLE, Mr. David 32 Second British
DALY, Mr. Harold Mayne 35 Saloon British
DALYRMPLE, Mr. James Engineering British
DANSON, Mr. Richard 45 Victualling British raft torpedo boat
DARCY, Mr. John Victualling British
DAVIES, Mr. Charles Victualling British
DAVIES, Mr. John Deck British
DAVIES, Mr. J. Engineering British
DAVIS, Miss Emily (maid to the Allans) ? Saloon British Westborough (Katrina)
DAVIS, Mr. Frederick Engineering British
DAWSON, Mr. Walter 23 Third British
DEINER, Mr. Frederick 32 Victualling British
DELANEY, Miss Mary 34 Third British
DENTON, Mr. Jonathan S. 47 Victualling British
DEWHURST, Mrs. Elizabeth Ross Morris 32 Victualling British
DHENIN, Mr. Thomas 31 Third British
DIAMANDIS, Mr. Theodore 41 Third Greek
DIXON, Mrs. Arthur (Bertha) Second British
DOCHERTY, Master William, Jr. 05-weeks Second USA 15 Wanderer (Peel 11), Flying Fish
DOCHERTY, Mrs. William (Mabel Irving) 29 Second USA 15 Wanderer (Peel 11), Flying Fish
DODD, Miss Dorothy Second British
DOLPHIN, Miss Avis Gertrude 12 Second British 17
DONALD, Mr. Archibald Douglas 26 Second British collapsible Juno
DONNELLY, Mr. Peter Engineering British
DONOVAN, Mr. William Engineering British
DOWNEY, Mr. Edward Engineering British
DOYLE, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
DOYLE, Mr. Michael 31 Third British Heron
DRAKEFORD, Mr. Edward 30 Band British
DRAPER, Mr. Percy 30 Victualling British
DUCKWORTH, Mrs. Alfred (Elizabeth Ann Smith) 52 Third British 21 Wanderer (Peel 12)
DUGUID, Mr. George Davie Second British
DUNCAN, Mr. Alex Engineering British
DUNCAN, Mr. Joseph Victualling British
DUNCAN, Mrs. Kate Cassie 43 Third British
DUNCAN, Mrs. Robert (?) Second British
DUNCAN, Mr. Robert Henry 34 Engineering British
DUNN, Mr. Albert Charles 30 Engineering British
DWYER, Mr. James 20 Engineering British (Irish)
DWYER, Mr. John Engineering British
DYER, Mr. Robert 47 Second USA
EDWARDS, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
EGAN, Mr. William Deck British
EGANA, Mr. Vincente 19 Second Spanish
EHRHARDT, Mr. Herbert W. 21 Second British overturned boat Indian Prince
ELLIOTT, Mrs. Arthur W. (Annie Louise) 25 Second British
ELLIOT, Mr. Frederick Deck British
ELLIS, Mr. John Second British
ENGLISH, Mr. Michael Engineering British
EVANS, Mr. David Engineering British
EVANS Mr. Robert Engineering British
EWART, Mr. Robert James 37 Second USA
FAIRELOUGH, Mr. Robert Engineering British
FARRELL, Mr. John Engineering British
FARRELL, Mr. John Engineering British
FARROW, Mr. Robert 32 Third British
FAULDS, Mr. Andrew 28 Third British
FAULDS, Mrs. Andrew (Margaret Allen) 27 Third British
FAYLE, Mr. Edward Deck British
FERNANDEZ, Mr. Eduardo Engineering British
FERRIER, Mrs. Alexander Hubert Buxton (Beata Elizabeth Margaret Stevens) Second British
FERRIS, Mr. John Victualling British (Irish)
FINUCANE, Mr. Noel 24 Victualling British
FISH, Mrs. Joseph "John E." (Sarah Mary Rogers, sister of Elizabeth Rogers) Second British boat, collapsible
FISH, Miss Marion Enid 8 Second British boat, collapsible
FISH, Miss Sadie Eileen 10 Second British collapsible
FISHER, Dr. Howard Lowrie 49 Saloon USA Westborough (Katrina)
FITZGERALD, Mr. John Engineering British
FLETCHER, Mr. George Victualling British
FLETCHER, Mr. William S. Victualling British
FODEN (Foderic), Mr. Robert Ernest Victualling British
FORREST, Mr. John Engineering British
FOSS, Dr. Carl Elmer 27 Second USA Indian Empire
FRANCOM, Mr. James Victualling British
FRANKUM, Master Francis 7 Third British
FRANKUM, Mr. Joseph 36 Third British
FREEMAN, Mr. John 37 Second British
FREEMAN, Mrs. John (Rachel Grant) 30 Second British
FREEMAN, Mr. Matthew Victualling British
FRENCH, Miss Grace Hope 24 Second British
FROST, Mr. Harry Robinson 42 Second USA
FYFE, Mrs. James (Jeanie Graham) 65 Second USA
GADD, Mr. Lott 45 Victualling British
GADSEN, Mr. Arthur 39 Second British
GALLIGAN, Miss Margaret 22 Second British
GARDNER, Master Eric 16 Second British
GARDNER, Master William Gerard "Willie" 11 Second British
GATELY, Mr. John 27 Third British
GAUL, Mr. Bart Victualling British
GAUNTLETT, Mr. Frederic John 45 Saloon USA collapsible Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
GILHOOLY, Mrs. Catherine Second British
GILILEN, Mr. Ellie 36 Third Persian
GLANCY, Mr. Joseph 43 Second British
GLOVER, Mr. Edwin Victualling British
GODLEY, Mr. Thomas G. Victualling British
GOODMAN, Mr. B. Engineering British
GOODWIN, Miss Rose 30 Third British
GORDON, Mr. George Third British
GOUDER, Mr. Charles (Gontes Cloules) 24 Victualling British (Maltese)
GRAB, Mr. Oscar Frederick 28 Saloon USA
GRAINGER, Mr. Robert Victualling British
GRANAHAN, Mr. Michael 52 Third British
GRANT, Mr. James 26? Victualling British
GRAY, Mr. James Paul 59 (64?) Second British overturned collapsible Indian Empire
GRAY, Mr. Robert Duncan 35 Second British
GRIENER, Mr. Oscar Victualling British
GRIFFITH, Mr. George Victualling British
GRIFFITHS, Mr.Christopher William 32 Second British
GRIFFITHS, Mr. John Humphrey 38 Victualling British
GRIGORIAN, Mr. Majlin 37 Third Russian
GRINSTED, Mr. S. Cyril 27 Third British
GRISDALE, Mr. Harry 26 Victualling British
GRUNDY, Mr. George Engineering British
GRYSZKIEWICZ, Mr. Antoni 26 Third Russian (Polish)
GUNN, Mr. C. Deck British
GUNTHER, Mr. Charles Engineering British
GWYER, Reverend Herbert Linford 32 Second British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
GWYER, Mrs. Herbert Linford (Margaret Inglis Adams Cairns) 26 Second British 15, collapsible Flying Fish
HAGEN, Mr. Francis J. 30 Victualling British
HALDANE, Mr. James Cargill 36 Second British
HALL, Mr. Edwin Victualling British
HALLAM, Mr. Ernest 38 Victualling British
HAMMOND, Mrs. Frederick Sydney (Kathleen Saunders McParland) 29 Saloon British
HAMMOND, Mr. Ogden Haggerty 46 Saloon USA 20 Flying Fish
HAMPSHIRE, Miss Elizabeth Eleanor 36 Second British 13 Stormcock
HANES, Mr. Duncan Arthur Walpole 32 Second British
HANLEY, Mr. Peter Third British
HARDWICK, Mr. Charles Cheever 50 Saloon USA 17, 19 towed to shore
HARDY, Miss Elsie 25 Second British
HARKNESS, Mr. William Herbert 25 Victualling British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
HARMAN, Mr. John 56 Deck British (Irish)
HARRIS, Mr. Dwight Carlton 31 Saloon USA
HARRISON, Mr. George Wraith 24 Third British
HAWKINS, Mr. Thomas Handel 25 Band British
HEBDEN, Mr. Robert 35 Third British
HEIGHWAY, Mr. Edward John 41 Deck British (Irish)
HEMINGWAY, Mr. John William 27 Band British
HENDERSON, Master Harris "Huntley" 10 Second British
HENDERSON, Mrs. Harris "Huntley" Russell (Violet Alice Yeatman) 32 Second British
HENDERSON, Mr. John 31 Victualling British
HENDRY, Mr. William Victualling British
HENNESSEY, Mr. Francis  44 Deck British
HENRY, Mrs. John (Catherine Ruane) 24 Third British
HENSHAW, Mrs. George (Mabel Iris Baker) 27 Second British Bluebell
HERTZ, Mr. Douglas Grant 32 (22?) Second British 22 Julia
HESKETH, Mr. Alfred W. 31 Third British
HEYES, Mr. J. Deck British
HILL, Mr. Charles Tilden 38 Saloon USA 14 Indian Empire
HILL, Mrs. Richard (Emily Jane Haynes) 31 (32?) Second British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
HILL, Mr. William Spencer 29 Second British
HOGAN, Miss Jane 39 Third British
HOGG, Mrs. Ellen 28 Second British
HOLBOURN, Professor John "Ian" Bernard Stoughton 43 Second British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12), Stormcock
HOLLAND, Mrs. H. Hedley L. (Nina Nadin) 34 Second USA
HOLMAN, Mr. Frank Victualling British
HOLT, Master William Robert Grattan 15 Saloon British
HOLTON, Master Benjamin R. H. 16 Victualling British Indian Empire
HOME, Mr. Thomas 50 Saloon British
HOOK, Miss Elsie (daughter of George) 12 Third British
HOOK, Master Frank (son of George) 11 Third British Brock
HOOK, Mr. George (father of Elsie and Frank) 47 Third British
HORRIGAN, Master Cornelius 16 Victualling British Heron
HOSKINS, Mr. Arthur Second British
HOTCHKISS, Mr. Charles Victualling British Heron
HOUGHTON, Dr. James Tilly 29 Saloon USA collapsible 0-50
HOUNSELL, Mr. Edgar Cyril 28 Second British
HOWLEY, Mrs. Edward (Rose Howley) 42 Third British
HUGHES, Mr. Edward Victualling British
HUGHES, Miss Ellen Victualling British
HUGHES, Mr. William Engineering British
HULL, Mrs. George (Winifred Keeling) 33 Second British
HULL, Mrs. Margaret Victualling British
HUME, Mr. James 19 Deck British (Irish) collapsible
HURLEY, Miss Margaret (maid to the Learoyds) 25 Saloon British
HUSSEY, Mr. John Engineering British
HUTCHINSON, Mr. George Engineering British
HUTCHINSON, Mr. George Engineering British
INCH, Mr. William Ernest 27 Second British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
IPSEN, Mr. Owen Alfred Victualling British
IWANUK, Mr. Emilian 27 Third Russian
JACKSON, Mr. Isaac Second British
JAMES, Miss Violet Isabel 32 Third British
JEFFERY, Mr. Charles Thomas 39 Saloon USA
JENKINS, Mr. Francis Bertram 29 Saloon British
JOHNSON, Mr. Herbert K. 24 Third British
JOHNSTON, Mr. Hugh Robert  21 Deck British
JOLIVET, Miss Marguerite "Rita" Lucile 25 Saloon French collapsible Westborough (Katrina)
JONES, Mr. Arthur Rowland 33 Deck British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
JONES, Mr. John Frederick Valentine Victualling British
JONES, Mr. Michael Engineering British
JONES, Mr. William "Parry" Gwynn(e) 24 Second British
JONES, Mr. William Ewart Gladstone 29 ? Engineering British Stormcock
JOYNSON, Mr. Edgar H. 19 Victualling British
JUDSON, Mr. Frederick Sheldon 25 Second USA
JUNCZYK, Mr. Egor 24 Third Russian
KAY, Master Robert Belsher 7 Second British collapsible
KAYE, Miss Kathleen (Hannah Ermine Kathleen Kirschbaum) 16 Second British
KEEBLE, Mr. Wilfrid R. 31 Saloon British
KEEBLE, Mrs. Wilfrid R. (Fannie Maud Goldsbrough) 32 Saloon British
KEMPSON, Mr. Maitland 55 Saloon British
KENAN, Dr. Owen Hill 42 Saloon USA
KENNEDY, Mr. John Engineering British
KENNEDY, Mr. John Victualling British
KENNY, Miss Agnes 26 Third British
KEOGH, Mr. P. Engineering British
KESSLER, Mr. George A. 52 Saloon USA collapsible Bluebell
KIDD, Mr. Frank 40 Victualling British
KILKENNY, Miss Delia Mary 33 Third British
KILLAWE, Miss Winifred 30 Third British
KNIGHT, Mr. Charles Thomas Deck British
KNILL, Mr. George Victualling British
KNOX, Mr. Samuel McIlhenny 57 Saloon USA collapsible Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
KOMARYSHYN, Mr. Hryhory 43 Third Russian (Ukrainian?)
KUPFENAGEL, Mr. Alfred Felix C. Victualling British
LAMONT, Mr. Charles 28 Victualling British
LANDER, Mr. Edward Harris 32 Second British 7?, collapsible Bluebell
LANE, Mr. George Benjamin 26 Second British swamped boat trawler
LASSETTER, Lieutenant Frederic Macquarie A. (Antill?) 22 Saloon British box Westborough (Katrina)
LASSETTER, Mrs. Harry Beauchamp (Elisabeth Anne Antill) 43 Saloon British box Westborough (Katrina)
LAURIAT, Mr. Charles Emelius, Jr. 40 Saloon USA collapsible Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
LAWRENCE, Mr. William Engineering British
LAWSON, Mr. Percy Victualling British
LAWSON, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
Le TOUZEL, Mr. Sydney Gybbon 32 Victualling British
LEACH, Mr. John F. 35 Victualling British
LEAROYD, Mrs. Charles Alfred (Mabel Kate Symonds) 41 Saloon British
LEARY, Mr. James Joseph 35 Saloon USA 0-50
LEE, Miss Bridget 51 Second British
LEE, Mr. Richard 21 Victualling British
LEECH, Mr. T. Engineering British
LEHMANN, Mr. Isaac 36 Saloon USA 15 Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
LEIPOLD, Miss Catherine Estella M. 27 Second British
LEITCH, Mrs. M. Victualling British
LEITH, Mr. Robert Deck British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
LEMON, Mr. John Engineering British
LEVINSON, Mr. Joseph 36 Saloon British
LEWIS, Miss Edith 5 Second British
LEWIS, Mr. Isaac "John" 31 Second British
LEWIS, Mrs. Isaac "John" (Jane Marshall) 31 Second British
LEWIS, Mr. John Idwal 29 Deck British
LEWIS, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
LIGHT, Mr. Herbert 32 Third British
LINES, Miss Alice Maud (nurse to the Pearls) 18 Saloon British 13 Stormcock
LINES, Mr. Stanley Llandolf Burnett 30 Second British
LINES, Mrs. Stanley Llandolf Burnett (Ethel Moore Lamping) 34 Second British 13
LITTLE, Mr. George Engineering British
LIVERMORE, Mr. Vernon Victualling British Heron
LOBB, Mrs. Reginald Popham (Mary Beatrice Jackman) 31 Saloon British
LOCKETT, Mr. Harry Deck British
LOCKHART, Mr. Reginald Raphael 49 Saloon British
LOGAN, Mrs. James (Ruth Thompson McCorry) 27 Third British torpedo boat
LOHDEN, Mrs. H. Arnold (Sarah Rose Mary Arnold) 38 Second British
LOHDEN, Miss Rose Elsie 11 Second British
LONEY, Miss Virginia Bruce 15 Saloon USA 14 fishing trawler
LUCAS, Mr. Francis John 22 Second British
LUKER, Mr. Francis John 30 Third British 11, 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
LUND, Mrs. Charles Henry (Sarah Jane Mounsey) 29 Second USA
MacFARQUHAR, Miss Grace Marie 16 Second USA
MacFARQUHAR, Mrs. John (Jane Ann Grant) 52 Second USA
MACHELL, Miss Elizabeth Victualling British
MACKENZIE, Mr. Robert Anderson 40 Third British (N. Irish)
MACKWORTH, Lady Humphrey (Margaret Haig Thomas) 32 Saloon British none Bluebell
MADDEN, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
MAINMAN, Master Edwin Richard 7 Second British
MAINMAN, Miss Elizabeth 7 Second British
MAINMAN, Miss Mary "Molly" Frances 16 Second British
MALFIAT, Mr. Shef Engineering Belgian
MALICZ, Mr. Pawel L. 34 Third Russian (Polish)
MANBY, Miss Ada 36 Second British
MANNING, Mr. Peter Engineering British
MANNION, Mr. Martin Second British
MARICHAL, Professor Joseph Phillibert René 38 Second French 21 Wanderer (Peel 12)
MARICHAL, Mrs. Joseph Phillibert René (Yvonne Jessie Emerson) 39 Second French 21 Wanderer (Peel 12)
MARICHAL, Master Maurice 2 Second French 21 Wanderer (Peel 12)
MARICHAL, Miss Phyllis Renée 4 Second French 21 Wanderer (Peel 12)
MARICHAL, Miss Yvonne "Eve" 5 Second French 21 Wanderer (Peel 12)
MARSH, Mrs. Thomas (Annie) 26 Third British
MARSHALL, Mrs. Fannie E. 35 Third British
MARTIN, Mr. Albert Engineering British
MARTIN, Mrs. Albert (Laura Truman) 56 Third British
MARTIN, Miss Ruby 26 Second British
MATHEWS, Mr. Arthur Thomas 38 Saloon British
MATTHEWS, Mr. Henry Victualling British
MATTHEWS, Mr. Thomas 27 Third British
MAYCOCK, Miss Mary 23 Second British
MAYLOR, Mr. George Victualling British
MAZURAK, Mr. Iwan "John" 22 Third Russian
McALEAVEY, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
McCARTHY, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
McCLIMOND, Mr. Samuel 32 Third British (Irish)
McCLELLAND, Mr. David Victualling British
McCLINTOCK, Miss Margaret 31 Second British
McCOLM, Mrs. James A. (Christina Harrow S. Rae) 38 Second British
McCONNEL, Mr. John Wanklyn 60 Saloon British
McCORMICK, Mr. David Craig Deck British
McCORMACK, Mr. Thomas 30 Third British Indian Empire
McDERMOTT, Mr. Andrew 22 Third British
McDERMOTT, Mr. Eugene Engineering British
McDONALD, Mr. Charles Victualling British
McDONNELL, Miss Kate "Kitty" 25 Second British (Irish)
McEVOY, Mr. John Engineering British
McFAYDEN, Mr. Hugh 24 Second British
McGINLEY, Mr. Patrick Vincent 32 Second British
McGINTY, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
McGOWAN, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
McGUGAN, Mr. Donald Engineering British
McGUINESS, Mr. Bernard Engineering British
McIVER, Mr. John Victualling British
McKECHAN, Mrs. Robert (Elizabeth Ballantyne) 32 Second British
McKENNA, Mr. Frank Engineering British
McKENNA, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
McKENZIE, Mr. Henry Victualling British
McKINLEY, Mr. Andrew Engineering British
McLELLAN, Miss Sarah 36 Second British
McLOUGHLIN, Mr. Patrick J. 35 Third British
McMAHON, Mr. P. Engineering British
McMURRAY, Mr. Leonard Leathes 48 Saloon British
McSANE, Mr. Patrick Victualling British
McSTAY, Mr. John Engineering British
MECREDY, Dr. Ralph Jack Richard, Jr. 26 Second British trawler
MERIHEINA, Mr. William Uno 26 Second Russian
MICHAEL, Mr. Dewi 38 (?) Second British
MIDDLEMAST, Mrs. Edward (Isabella L. Woodget) 32 Second British
MIDDLETON, Miss Alice 25 Second British
MILFORD, Mr. Frederick John 36 Second USA Flying Fish
MITCHELL, Mr. Arthur Jackson 45 Second USA 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
MITCHELL, Mr. George Victualling British
MITCHELL, Mrs. Walter Dawson (Jeanette "Nettie" Elizabeth Moore) 27 Second British (Irish) Indian Empire (?)
MITCHELL, Mr. William Victualling British
MOODY, Miss Martha (Meta) 38 Second British (Irish)
MOORE, Mr. Daniel Deck British
MOORE, Dr. Daniel Virgil 36 Second USA Brock
MOORE, Mr. John 24 Second British Indian Empire
MORAN, Mr. James Engineering British (Irish)
MORAN, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
MORECROFT, Mrs. Herbert (Fannie Jane Chamberlain) 43 Victualling British 13 Stormcock
MORELL, Mrs. Max Samuel (Goldiana "Georgina" Ambler) 71 Saloon British
MORRIS, Reverend Hugh Carlton Syddall 32 Second British
MORSE, Mr. Robert 40 Victualling British
MORTON, Mr. John Clifford Deck British
MORTON, Mr. Leslie Noel 18 Deck British collapsible Indian Empire
MOSES, Mrs. George (Janet Lynn) 46 Third British
MOSLEY, Mr. George Gordon 29 Saloon British
MUDGE, Mr. John Victualling British
MUIR, Mr. Matthew 62 (?) Second British
MUIRHEAD, Mr. William 31 Third British
MURDOCH, Miss Jessie 34 Second British  15
MURPHY, Mr. Dennis 23 Engineering British
MURPHY, Mr. James Engineering British (Irish)
MURRAY, Mrs. Christopher (Rose Ellen McGinley) 30 Second USA
MYERS, Mr. Joseph Lewis 48 Saloon USA Westborough (Katrina)
MYERS, Master William Ellason G. 16 Second British
NAISH, Mrs. Theodore (Belle Saunders) 49 Second USA 22 Julia
NEATBY, Miss Winifred "Freda" 29 Second British
NEEDHAM, Mr. Henry E. Second British
NEEDHAM, Mr. Patrick 47 Engineering British
NEGUS, Mr. Edward 27 Second British
NEILSON, Miss Gerda Theoline 29 Third British
NEILSON, Miss Violet Third Norwegian
NEVILLE, Mrs. Albert Charles (Mabel Frances) 35 Second British
NEWBOLD, Mr. Hubert H. Victualling British
NEWBY, Mr. John Engineering British
NEWPORT, Mr. William Victualling British
NIEMANN, Mr. Robert Victualling British
NIXON, Mr. Harold Victualling British
NORMAN, Mr. Arthur William Engineering British
NORTH, Miss Olive 25 Second British Juno
O’CONNELL, Mr. John 19 Engineering British collapsible Westborough (Katrina)
O’NEILL, Mr. James Engineering British
O’NEILL, Mr. Paul Engineering British
O'DONNELL, Mr. Patrick 35 Second USA
O'MAHONEY, Mr. Thomas 21 Deck British
O'NEILL, Mr. Frederick Hugh Deck British
ORR-LEWIS, Mr. (later Sir) Frederick Orr 49 Saloon British
OSBORNE, Mrs. Alexander Bryson (Alexandra Mary Bryson) 49 Saloon British
OSTERBURG, Mr. August Engineering Russian (Finnish)
OSTERMAN, Mr. Jacob Victualling British
OTTINO, Mr. John Victualling British
OWEN, Mr. Thomas Victualling British
OWENS, Mrs. Hubert Isaacs (Cecelia Mildred Smith) 33 Second British swamped collapsible trawler
PADLEY, Mrs. Charles (Florence May Fry) 23 Saloon British
PAGE, Mr. Andrew 30 Second British
PAPPADOPOULOS, Mrs. Michael N. (Angela) 32 Saloon Greek
PARKES, Mr. William Henry 23 Third British
PARRY, Mr. Frank 45 Victualling British
PARRY, Mr. Joseph 26 Deck British
PARTRIDGE, Mr. Frank E. 42 Saloon British
PAVEY, Miss Lorna Mary 28 Second British 14?
PAYNE, Mr. Martin Sylvester 19 Second British
PAYNTER, Miss Irene Emily 30 Saloon British
PEACOCK, Mrs. Thomas Edward (Elizabeth L. Todd) 48 Second British
PEACOCK, Master Thomas Edward, Jr. 17 Second British
PEARL, Miss Audrey Warren 03-months Saloon USA 13 Stormcock
PEARL, Surgeon-Major Frederic "Frank" Warren 46 Saloon USA collapsible Westborough (Katrina)
PEARL, Mrs. Frederic Warren (Amy Lea Duncan) 34 Saloon USA overturned boat tramp steamer
PEARL, Master Stuart Duncan Day 5 Saloon USA 13 Stormcock
PEDERSON, Mr. Adolph Victualling British
PELLS, Mr. Cyril Elmore 24 Second British
PELLS, Mrs. Cyril Elmore (Mary Anita Reeve) 32 Second British
PENNY, Mr. Percy 33 Victualling British
PERKA, Mr. Maxim Antanow 27 Third Russian
PERRY, Mr. Frederick John 25 Saloon British
PETRONSIAN, Mr. Kahraman 16 Third Russian
PHILLIPS, Miss Mary 33 Victualling British
PHILLIPS, Mr. Wallace Banta 29 Saloon USA 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
PICKARD, Mr. Frederick J. 30 Third British
PIERPOINT, Detective-Inspector William John 51 Saloon British
PIRIE, Mr. Robinson 59 Saloon British box, collapsible
PLUMMER, Mr. Leslie Engineering British
POLUBINSKI, Mr. Mikentii 44 Third Russian
POPE, Miss Theodate (Effie Brooks Pope) 48 Saloon USA Julia
POSEN, Mr. Eugene Henry 41 Saloon British
POWELL, Mr. Edward Engineering British
POWER, Mr. Daniel Engineering British
PRATT, Mr. Richard Victualling British
PRESTON-SMITH, Mr. John 28 Second British Heron
PRINGLE, Mr. Thomas Victualling British
PULIK, Mr. Mychail 34 Third Russian
PYE, Mrs. William Samuel (Charlotte Lillian) 28 Second British collapsible Flying Fish
QUINN, Mr. Alfred Victualling British
QUINN, Mr. Thomas William (father of Thomas Quinn, bo'sun's boy) Deck British
RAFFERTY, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
RALPH, Mr. M. Engineering British
RANDALL, Mr. Charles 53 Victualling British
RANKIN, Mr. Robert 33 Saloon USA 11 Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
RATCLIFF, Mr. Norman Albert 36 Saloon British
RAWEN, Miss Annie 29 Third British
READDIE, Mr. James Robert 29 Second British
REDMOND, Mr. James Victualling British
REYNOLDS, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
RHYS-EVANS, Mr. Arnold Leslie (secretary to Mr. Thomas) 23 Saloon British 11 Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
RICE, Mr. Stephen Engineering British
RICHARDS, Master Cecil Harry 4 Second USA
RICHARDS, Mr. Thomas Henry 40 Second USA
RICHARDS, Mrs. Thomas Henry (Phillippa "Phyllis" Conner) 38 Second British
RICHARDS, Master Thomas Percy 7 Second British
RICHARDSON, Mrs. James (Annie) 39 Second British 13 Stormcock
RILEY, Mr. Edward 30 Third British
RILEY, Mrs. Edward (Annie Taylor) 29 Third British
RILEY, Miss Ethel 4 Third British 13 Stormcock
RILEY, Miss Sutcliffe 4 Third British 13 Stormcock
ROACH, Mr. John Victualling British
ROBERTS, Mr. Charles A. 25 Deck British
ROBERTSON, Mr. Neil Deck British
ROBINSON, Mrs. Thomas H. (Edith) Second British
ROBINSON, Mr. William Engineering British
ROGERS, Miss Elizabeth (sister of Sarah Fish) Second British 7?, collapsible Bluebell
ROGERS, Mr. Percy William 46 Saloon British 14?, collapsible trawler (Wanderer/ Peel 12?), Flying Fish
ROPER, Mr. John Patrick Deck British Bluebell
ROSE, Mr. Fred J. Second British
ROSE, Mr. William Victualling British
ROSS, Mr. E. W. Engineering British
ROSSITER, Mr. Laurence Engineering British
ROURKE, Mr. Stanley 21? Victualling British
ROWAN, Mr. Fred 44 Engineering British (Irish)
ROWBOTHAM, Mr. Harold E. Victualling British Heron
RUDDAN, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
RUSHTON, Mr. George Victualling British
RUSSELL, Mr. Frederick Victualling British
RYERSON, Miss Laura Mary 23 Saloon British 14
SANDELLS, Mr. Thomas 50 Second British
SCANNELL, Mr. Charles 25 Engineering British (Irish)
SCANTLEBURY, Mr. Samuel Victualling British
SCHWARTE, Mr. Friedrich Wilhelm August 44 Saloon British
SCOTT, Master Arthur, Jr. 8 Third British
SCOTT, Mr. George 27 Second British
SCRIMGEOUR, Mr. William Second British
SECCHI, Mrs. Herbert (Edith Helen West) 35 Second British
SEFERIEN, Mr. Levon 29 Third Persian
SEPHTON, Mr. William Victualling British
SERGIS, Mr. George 37 Third Persian
SETTLE, Mr. Vincent 55 Victualling British
SHACKNELL, Mr. William George 50 Third British
SHARKEY, Mr. John Engineering British
SHARP, Miss Annie 32 Third British
SHARP, Master George 15 Third British
SHARP, Mr. Samuel S. 53 Third British
SHARP, Mrs. Samuel S. (Mary Jane) 53 Third British
SHAVLEY, Mr. Gerald Victualling British
SHEIL, Mr. Michael S. 32 Victualling British
SHEPPERSON, Mr. Arthur George 26 Third British
SHKERDOFF, Mr. Jacob 19 Third Russian
ZIKKING, Mr. Florence Deck British
SIKKING, Mr. James 24 Deck British
SIMPSON, Mr. Edward 50 Third British
SIMPSON, Reverend Henry Wood 37 Second British boat trawler
SIMPSON, Mr. Malcolm 34 Victualling British
SINNOT, Mr. William Engineering British
SKAY, Master Edward 16 ? Victualling British
SLATTERY, Mr. Patrick John 27 Second USA
SLAVIN, Mr. Owen Engineering British (Irish)
SLIDELL, Mr. M. Thomas 41 Saloon USA
SLINGSBY, Mr. George (valet to Mr. Orr-Lewis) 26 Saloon British
SMETHURST, Mr. Harold 27 Third British
SMETHURST, Mrs. Harold (Alice) 24 Third British
SMITH, Mr. George 33 Third British
SMITH, Miss Helen 6 Second British 13 Stormcock
SMITH, Mrs. John W. (Jessie Taft) 39 Saloon USA towed by fishing boat, Stormcock
SMITH, Mr. William Victualling British
SNOWDEN, Mr. Thomas 30 Third British
SOBOLOWSKI, Mr. Mitrofan 29 Third Russian
SORENSON, Mr. Soren 33 Second British
SPENDLEY, Mrs. David March (Kate Bermet) 28 Third British
STAFFORD, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
STANLEY, Mr. David H. Victualling British
STANLEY, Mr. H. Engineering British
STANLEY (Shanley?), Mr. J. Engineering British
STEELE, Mr. George 29 Third British
STEPHEN, Mr. Thomas Ohan 23 Third USA
STEVENS, Mr. George 28 Third British
STEWART, Mrs. James (Christina Knox?) 30 Second British
STEWART, Master John Knox 05-months Second British
STOCKTON, Mr. Alfred 23 Third British
STONES, Mr. Norman 28 Second British
STORCH, Mr. Walter Reinhold 29 Second British
STROUD, Mr. Edwin Percy Wallace 38 Second British
STROUD, Mrs. Edwin Percy Wallace (Constance Eda Simpson) 31 Second British
STRYNECHUK, Mr. Save 26 Third Russian
STURDY, Mr. Charles Frederick 38 Saloon British
SULLIVAN (O'Sullivan), Mr. Florence 26 Second British (Irish)
SULLIVAN (O'Sullivan), Mrs. Florence (Julia O'Neill) 25 Second British (Irish) Heron
SUMNER, Mr. Thomas Second British
SUTTON, Mr. Frank Victualling British
SWEENEY, Mr. John Martin Second USA
SWEET, Mr. Frank Harold 22 Second British
TAFT, Mr. Sidney 31 Second British
TARACSEWICS, Mr. Iwan 42 Third Russian
TARRY, Mr. Edward 27 Second British
TAYLOR, Mr. Chris Engineering British
TAYLOR, Mr. Harold William 21 Third British
TAYLOR, Mrs. Harold William (Lucy Haddock) 19 Third British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
TAYLOR, Mr. Richard Lionel 31 Saloon British
TAYLOR, Master Stanley Robert 14 Second USA
THOMAS, Mr. David Alfred 59 Saloon British 11 Wanderer (Peel 12), Flying Fish
THOMAS, Mr. John Victualling British
THOMPSON, Mrs. Elbridge Blish (Maude Robinson) 32 Saloon USA Westborough (Katrina)
THOMPSON, Mr. John E. Engineering British
THOMPSON, Mr. Joseph 40 Third British Heron
THOMPSON, Mr. Leonard Henry Deck British
THORNLEY, Mr. George Victualling British
TIERNEY, Mr. Michael Engineering British
TIJOU, Mr. Walter Edgar 44 Second British upturned boat fishing trawler
TIMMIS, Mr. Robert James 51 Saloon British
TOBIN, Mrs. Nora 25 Third British
TODD, Mr. James Deck British
TOMASZEWICZ, Mr. Iwan 28 Third Russian (Polish)
TONER (Tower), Mr. Francis "Frank" Engineering British (Irish) Heron
TOOTAL, Mr. Frederick Edward Owen 39 Saloon British 17
TOUHY, Miss Margaret 25 Third British
TOWNLEY, Mr. Ernest Ethelbert 56 Saloon British
TURNER, Mr. Scott 34 Saloon USA
TURNER, Captain William Thomas 58 Deck British Bluebell
TURPIN, Mr. Thomas Keith 30 Second British
TURPIN, Mrs. Thomas Keith (Maud Adelaide Otway Hatchell) Second British
TURTON, Mr. George Henderson 45 Saloon British
Van HOECK, Mr. Julius E. 27 Victualling Dutch
VASSAR, Mr. William Arthur Fisher 44 Saloon British
VEALS, Mr. Albert Edward 31 Third British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
VEALS, Mrs. Albert Edward (Agnes Maud Bailey) 27 Third British 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
VESCOVI, Dr. Silvio de 28 Second Italian collapsible Westborough (Katrina)
WAKEFIELD, Mrs. Alexander Thomas (Mary Gertrude Smith) Saloon British
WALKER, Miss Annie (maid to the Allans) 30 Saloon British Westborough (Katrina)
WALLACE, Mr. Cyril John George 20 Second British 22 Julia
WALLACE, Mr. James Victualling British
WALSH, Mr. R. Engineering British
WARD, Mr. George 48 Third British
WARD, Mrs. George (Ellen) 43 Third British
WARD, Mr. John Engineering British
WEBB, Miss Minnie 34? Second British
WEBSTER, Mr. Frederick G. 28 Second British
WEBSTER, Master William 3 Second British
WEIGH, Mr. Edward Victualling British
WELSH, Mr. John 34 Third British
WHALEY, Mr. Robert William 33 Second British
WHALLEY, Mr. Leslie Victualling British
WHITCOMBE, Mr. Hugh Martin Donald Gore 25 Second British
WHITEHEAD, Miss Florence 41 Second British 13 Stormcock
WHITMORE, Mr. George Engineering British
WHYATT, Mrs. Aaron Taylor (Martha Ann Bussey) 60 Second British collapsible
WICKINGS-SMITH, Mr. Cyril 27 Second British
WICKINGS-SMITH, Mrs. Cyril (Phyllis Bailey Fenn) 24 Second British
WICKINGS-SMITH, Miss Nancy Eileen Fenn Infant Second British 11 Wanderer (Peel 12)
WIGGINS, Mrs. Arthur Vaughn (Sarah Helena Rogerson) 49 Second British
WIGGINS, Mr. William 23 Victualling British
WILD, Miss Agnes 21 Second British starboard boat (13?) fishing boat and Stormcock
WILD, Miss Evelyn Norbury 25 Second British starboard boat (13?) fishing boat and Stormcock
WILKES, Miss Alice Kate 30 Third British
WILLIAMS, Miss Beatrice 24 Second British
WILLIAMS, Miss Edith 9 Third British/USA
WILLIAMS, Master John Edward 10 Third British/USA
WILLIAMS, Mr. Robert Second British
WILLIAMS, Mr. Thomas J. 32 Second British
WILLIAMS, Mr. William Deck British
WILLIAMS, Mr. William H. Victualling British
WILMIN, Mr. William Victualling British
WILSON, Mr. John Second British 14?
WILSON, Mrs. Patrick (Minnie "Inez" Corbett) 46 Second British
WINTER, Miss Thirza 31 Second British Juno
WITHERBEE, Mrs. Alfred Scott (Beatrice Wilhemena Theodora LaTouche) 24 Saloon USA
WOLFENDEN, Mrs. John Charles (Dora Roden) 49 Second USA 15 Wanderer (Peel 12)
WOOD, Mr. Alfred Victualling British
WOOD, Mr. Walter 31 Victualling British
WOODS, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
WOODWORD, Mr. Robert 22 Third British
WORDSWORTH, Mr. Osmund Bartle 27 Second British
WORDSWORTH, Miss Ruth Mary 37 Second British overturned boat Julia
WRIGHT, Mr. Robert Currie 54 Saloon USA
WYLIE, Mr. Richard G. 31 Engineering British
WYNNE, Master George 16 Victualling British
YOHANAN, Mr. Alvaretz 32 Third Persian
YUNG, Mr. Philippe Joseph 33 Saloon Belgian
*CLARKE, Mr. Alfred Russell 55 Saloon British collapsible
*KNIGHT, Mr. Charles 65 Victualling British
*McKECHAN, Master Campbell Ballantyne 10-months Second British
*PLANK, Mrs. David (Harriet Slinger) 61 Second British

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