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Lusitania Victims

Of the known 1,960 verified people on board Lusitania, 1,193 perished. This number includes the 3 stowaways arrested after the ship left New York. An additional 4 people (marked with "*") died of trauma related to the sinking shortly afterwards, bringing the total lost to 1,197. The complete passenger and crew manifest is available in the downloads section. Links to all biographies to come later. In the meantime, check out the Passenger List or Crew List.
Name Age Class or Dept Citizenship Body No.
ABAS, Miss Beatrice 2 2nd British/Dutch
ABAS, Miss Isabel 6 2nd British/Dutch
ABAS, Mrs. Philip Robert (Beatrice Sanderson) 26 2nd British/Dutch
ABERCROMBY, Mr. Ralph Frank 21 2nd British 23
ACKROYD, Master Frederick 3 2nd British
ACKROYD, Mrs. Hannah (Hannah Hardaker) 2nd British
ADAMS, Mr. Arthur Henry 46 Saloon British
ADAMS, Mr. Henry 58 Saloon British 237
ADAMS, Miss Joan M. 2 2nd British
AGNEW, Mr. Thomas W. 27 3rd British
AGNEW, Mrs. Thomas W. (Beatrice Thompson) 27 3rd British
AINDOW, Mr. Charles Victualling British 170
AITKEN, Mr. James 59 2nd British 14
AITKEN, Mr. James Jarvie 32 2nd British
AITKEN, Master James Jarvie, Jr. 2 2nd British
ALLAN, Miss Anna Marjory 16 Saloon British
ALLAN, Mr. Ashley Victualling British
ALLAN, Miss Gwendolyn Evelyn 15 Saloon British 218
ALLEN, Miss Dorothy Ditman (nurse to the Cromptons) 26 Saloon USA
ALLEN, Mr. Norman Frederick Victualling British
ALMOND, Mr. John Victualling British
AMERAIOF, Mr. Benjamin 37 Third Persian
ANDERSDOTTER, Mrs. Carolina B. 54 Third Swedish
ANDERSON, Mrs. George R. (Margaret Armstrong Scott) 30 Second British 29
ANDERSON, Mr. James Clarke 48 Deck British 48
ANDERSON, Mr. John 67 Deck Norwegian
ANDERSON, Mr. William Affleck Engineering British 52
ANDREATOS, Mr. Marinos 39 Third Greek
ANDRIJINE, Mr. Anisyon 22 Third Russian
APRIN, Mr. Joseph 45 Third Russian
ARMITAGE, Mrs. Martin? (Florence Gertrude Burke Martin) 27 Second British
ARNOTT, Mr. Robert Second British
ARTHUR, George Henry (Herbert?) Second British 97
ASHCROFT, Mr. Gordon Ernest Victualling British
ASHE, Mr. John Engineering British
BABA, Mr. Abraham 45 Third Persian
BABA, Mr. George 39 Third Persian
BABEICZ, Mr. Jakim 33 Third Russian (Polish)
BABICZUK, Mr. Siemion 39 Third Russian
BAILEY, Miss Ivy 15 Second British
BAILEY, Mrs. Walter George (Jessie Annie Hanford) 45 Second British
BAILEY, Mr. Walter George (William) 53 Second British
BAIN, Mr. Duncan Campbell Victualling British
BAKER, Miss Eva Second British
BAKER, Miss Amelia "Millie" Anne 27 Saloon USA
BALDWIN, Mr. Harry Bradley 48 Saloon USA
BALDWIN, Mrs. Harry Bradley (Mary Margaret MacCauley) 38 Saloon USA
BANCROFT, Mr. William Blanchard, Jr. 27 Second USA
BANNER, Mr. A. Victualling British
BANNERJI, Mr. Induprakash (Bandhopadhyay) 30 Third British (Indian)
BARBER, Miss Constance Second British
BARCHARD, Mr. Edmund Elphinstone 39 Second British
BARKER, Miss Winifred 9 Second USA
BARR, Mrs. James (Catherine Symington Young) 40 Second British 115
BARR, Mr. James (John) Second British
BARRETT, Mr. Daniel 18 Engineering British (Irish)
BARROW, Mrs. Donald George M. (May) 20 Third British 34
BARRY, Mr. W. 26 Engineering British (Irish)
BARTLEY, Master Arthur 4 Third British
BARTLEY, Mr. George Noble 38 Third British
BARTLEY, Mrs. George Noble (Ellen) 28 Third British
BARTLEY, Master Gordon 03-months Third British
BATES, Master George 17 Victualling British
BATES, Mr. Lindon Wallace, Jr. 32 Saloon USA 16 (DA)
BAXTER, Master William 6 Second British
BAXTER, Mr. William Second British
BEATTIE, Mr. James Engineering British
BEATTIE, Reverend James Anderson 55 Second British 9
BEATTIE, Mrs. John A. (Grace S.) Second British
BEAUMONT, Mr. James Second British
BEESLEY, Mr. George William Alfred Deck British
BEGGS, Mr. John Engineering British
BENNETT, Mr. William 39 Third British
BETRAND, Mr. Maurice (Laparge) Victualling British
BEVAN, Mr. Jack 26 Third British
BILICKE, Mr. Albert Clay 54 Saloon USA
BINGHAM, Miss Alice Winifred 35 Second British
BIRD, Mrs. Lyndon (Rose Holloway) 36 Second British
BIRD, Mr. Walter Victualling British
BISHOP, Mr. Joseph 50 Third British
BISHOP, Mrs. Joseph (Alice) 49 Third British
BISHOP, Mr. William 44 Third British
BISTIS, Mr. Leonidas M. 33 Saloon Greek
BLACK, Mr. James Joseph 39 Saloon British
BLACKBURN, Mr. George A. 42 Third British 259
BLACKSHAW, Mrs. Alice 29 Third British
BLACKSHAW, Master John J. 1 Third British
BLEND, Mr. John Henry Victualling British
BLOOMFIELD, Mr. Thomas 48 Saloon USA
BLYTHYN, Mr. Robert William Victualling British
BODELL, Mr. Thomas 32 Third British
BODELL, Mrs. Thomas (Florence Saunders) 36 Third British
BODELL, Master Thomas, Jr. 3 Third British
BOOTH, Mrs. Charles Harry (Emily Eliza Hadfield) 30 Second British
BOOTH, Mr. John 35 Second British
BOOTH-JONES, Miss Ailsa Georgina 8 Second British 213
BOOTH-JONES, Mr. Edward 38 Second British
BOOTH-JONES, Mrs. Edward (Millichamp Jones) 25 Second British 189
BOOTH-JONES, Master Percival 4 Second British
BORESKEVECS, Mr. Folop 28 Third Russian
BOSTOCK, Mr. Joseph James Victualling British
BOURKE, Mrs. Mabel Juliet (Mabel Juliet Kegaad) Second British
BOUTEILLER, Miss Elise (Mrs. Paul Schauring) (maid to the Loneys) 47 Saloon French
BOWEN, Mr. Henry Engineering British
BOYD, Miss Margaret L. Second British
BOYLE, Miss Nicholas 24 Third British
BRADDICK, Mr. Sidral William 32 Second British
BRADLEY, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
BRAITHWAITE, Miss Dorothy Douglas 24 Saloon British
BREEN, Mr. James Engineering British
BRENNAN, Mr. Patrick 47 Engineering British (Irish)
BRETHERTON, Miss Elizabeth "Betty" 15-months Second USA 156
BRILLY, Mr. Louis 43 Second Italian
BRODRICK, Mr. Carlton Thayer 28 Saloon USA 46
BROOKE, Mr. George Victualling British
BROWN, Miss Constance 38 Third British
BROWN, Miss Evelyn 28 Third British
BROWN, Mrs. F. C. (Mary "May" Cummins) 55 Saloon USA
BROWN, Mr. James Engineering British
BROWN, Mr. John Manson George  57 Deck British
BROWN, Mr. Patrick 24 Engineering British (Irish)
BROWN, Mr. William Henry Helm 34 Saloon British 117
BROWNE, Mr. E. Bennett Victualling British
BROWNLIE, Mr. Thomas Second British 8 (DA)
BRUNO, Mr. Henry Augustine 45 Saloon British 212
BRUNO, Mrs. Henry Augustine (Annie Thompson) 45 Saloon British 147
BRYCE, Mr. Archie 54 Engineering British
BUCHANAN, Miss Mary 30 Second British 3 (Q)
BULL, Mrs. John Henry (Elizabeth Farrar) 62 Second British 78
BULLEN, Mr. Henry Garnet Second British
BURDEN, Mr. Arthur Howell Deck British 11
BURKE, Mr. Ernest James 48 Third British
BURKE, Mr. James Engineering British
BURLEY, Miss Doris Florence 9 Second British
BURLEY, Master Reginald Infant Second British
BURLEY, Mr. Reuben 39 Second British
BURLEY, Mrs. Reuben (Florence Bull) 38 Second British
BURNS, Mr. John James Engineering British
BURNS, Mr. Peter Engineering British
BURNSIDE, Miss Iris Margaret 20 Saloon British
BURROWS, Mr. Francis Victualling British
BUSVINE, Mr. William Robert 34 Second British 18 (Q)
BUTLER, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
BUTLER, Mr. Thomas O'Brien 43 Second British
BUTLER, Mrs. W. (Margaret) 40 Second British 31
BUTLER, Mr. William M. 38 Third British
BUTTERS, Miss Margaret 39 Second British
BYRNE, Miss Nellie M. 45 Third British
CAIN, Mr. Thomas 54 Engineering British 177
CALLAN, Mr. Patrick Second USA
CALTERBACK, Miss Alice Margaret (Kaltenbach?) Second British
CAMERON, Mr. Charles W. 38 Band British
CAMPBELL, Mr. Alexander 43 Saloon British
CAMPBELL, Mr. Charles Engineering British
CAMPBELL, Miss Christina "Tina" Fraser Second British
CAMPBELL, Mr. Kennedy Second British
CAMPBELL, Mr. Patrick 35 Engineering British (Irish)
CAMPBELL, Mr. William 31 Second British
CAMPBELL-JOHNSTON, Mr. Conway Seymour Godfrey 56 Saloon British
CAMPBELL-JOHNSTON, Mrs. Conway Seymour Godfrey (Ida Amelia McBride) 57 Saloon British 2
CANDLISH, Mr. Arthur 33 Second USA
CANIGAN, Miss Margaret 28 Third British 74
CANNON, Mr. Robert Henry 50 Deck British 176
CARACITOS, Mr. George 38 Third Greek
CARLSON, Mr. C. J. 57 Third Swedish
CARR-JONES, Mr. E. 37 Band British
CARSON, Miss Henrietta 19 Second British
CARTWRIGHT, Mr. Harry Victualling British
CASEY, Mr. James Engineering British
CASEY, Mr. Martin Victualling British
CASEY, Mr. Patrick 48 Engineering British 39
CASSELS, Miss Nora Isabel 44 Victualling British
CASSIDY, Mr. Bernard 59 Engineering British (Irish)
CATHERWOOD, Mr. John 41 Second USA
CATHERWOOD, Mrs. John (Maria Carson) 40 Second USA
CATTEW, Miss Emily 37 Third British
CATTLEY, Mr. Colin Second British
CHABOT, Mr. David Louis 49 Saloon British 151
CHALMERS, Mrs. Adam (Blanche Gregory) Second British 215
CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. Richard Victualling British 5 (K)
CHAMBERS, Mrs. Guy Winstaney P. (Ethel Paul) 30 Second British 165
CHANTRY, Miss Elizabeth Ellen 3-6-months ? Second British
CHANTRY, Mr. Harold 22 Second British
CHANTRY, Mrs. Harold (Mina) 21 Second British
CHARKOWSKI, Mr. Porflri 41 Third Russian
CHARLES, Miss Eleanor Second British
CHATT, Miss Anna Second British
CHESTER, Mr. Michael Engineering British
CHIRGWIN, Mrs. Frederick (Maud Gertrude Cox) 31 Second British 88
CHIRGWIN, Master Richard Infant Second British
CHRISTIAN, Mr. K. Victualling British
CHRISTIAN, Mr. William Edward Victualling British
CHWYSINK, Mr. Pawel 21 Third Russian
CLARKE, Mrs. Francis William (Nore) Second British
CLAY, Miss Elizabeth Alice 44 Second British 180
CLAYTON, Mr. William Second British
CLAYTON, Mrs. William (?) Second British
CLEGG, Mr. Arthur Victualling British
CLIFT, Mr. Horance 23 Third British
CLOETE, Mr. William Brodrick 60 Saloon British
COADY, Mr. James 53 Engineering British (Irish) 153
COLBERT, Mr. William 51 Second USA 195
COLBERT, Mrs. William (Helena Sherlock) 45 Second British
COLE, Mr. William Henry Engineering British
COLLINS, Mr. James Lord Engineering British
COLLINS, Mr. Patrick 35 Engineering British (Irish)
CONDON, Mrs. Terrence (Delia Josephine Doyle) 28 Second USA 143
CONNELLY, Mr. Owen Engineering British
CONNERTIN, Mr. Thomas Victualling British
CONNOLLY, Mr. Michael 39 (47?) Third British
CONWAY, Mr. Richard Victualling British
COONEY, Mr. Michael, Jr. 20 Engineering British
COONEY, Mr. Michael, Sr. 40 Engineering British
COOPER, Master Joseph E. 03-months Third USA
COOPER, Mrs. Nellie Elizabeth 33 Third British
COPPING, Mr. George Robert 52 Saloon British 150
COPPING, Mrs. George Robert (Emma Louisa) ? Saloon British
CORBOY, Mr. Michael 49 Engineering British (Irish)
COSTELLO, Miss Mary Second British
COSTELLO, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
COUGHLIN, Mr. John 40 Third British
COUGHLIN, Miss Margaret 2.5 Third USA 62
COXON, Mr. Geoffrey Thomley 18 Third British
COYNE (Coyle), Mr. Patrick 24 Engineering British (Irish)
CRANK, Mr. John  33 Deck British
CRANSTON, Mr. George Victualling British 4 (K)
CRICHTON, Mrs. William C. (Mabel Gardner) 42 Saloon USA 190
CRITCHISON, Master Bernard 13-months Second British
CRITCHISON, Mrs. Stanley Lascelles (Lilian Hayes) Second British
CRITCHLEY, Mr. David Victualling British
CROMPTON, Miss Alberta 12 Saloon British
CROMPTON, Miss Catherine Mary 10 Saloon British
CROMPTON, Master John David 6 Saloon British 192
CROMPTON, Mr. Paul 44 Saloon British
CROMPTON, Mrs. Paul (Gladys Mary Salis-Schawbe) 38 Saloon British
CROMPTON, Master Paul Romilly 9 Saloon British
CROMPTON, Master Peter Romilly 09-months Saloon British 214
CROMPTON, Master Stephen Hugh 17 Saloon British 134
CROOKS, Mr. Robert Williams 39 Saloon British 93
CROSBY, Miss Annie Second British
CROSBY, Miss Ellen 36 Second British 133
CROSS, Mr. Charles Ivor 21 Third British
CRURCHLEY, Mr. William Henry 47 Third British
CUMMINGS, Mr. John Victualling British
CUNNIFF, Miss Hannah 30 Third British
CURLEY, Miss Alice 22 Third British
CURRAN, Mr. Patrick 44 Engineering British (Irish)
DALE, Mr. William Second British
DALEY, Mr. Daniel 42 Engineering British (Irish)
DAVIES, Mr. Fred Victualling British
DAVIES, Mr. George F. 43 Second British
DAVIES, Mr. John Engineering British
DAVIES, Mr. Kenneth Victualling British
DAVIS, Mrs. Anna (Anna John) 52 Second USA 32
DAWES, Mr. Thomas George Victualling British
De BROISSIERRE, Mr. Etienne T. Second Belgian
DEARBERGH, Mr. Robert Edward 48 Saloon British 202
DELVIN, Mr. Henry Engineering British
DENYER, Mr. Ronald (valet to Mr. Vanderbilt) 30 Saloon USA
DEPAGE, Mrs. Antoine (Marie Picard) 43 Saloon Belgian 57
DEWHURST, Mr. William Second British
DEWRANCE, Mr. Sydney Victualling British
DHENIN, Miss Isabella 2 Third British
DHENIN, Mrs. Thomas (Evelyn Thomson) 33 Third British
DHENIN, Master Thomas, Jr. 10 Third British
DICK, Miss Annie 24 Third British
DICKINSON, Mr. John Faulkner Victualling British
DIECKEY, Mr. Ewstafey 24 Third Russian
DIMMOND, Mr. John Victualling British
DINGLEY, Mrs. Edward (Katherine S. Glenn) 40 Second British 70
DINGLEY, Mr. H. J. Victualling British
DINGWALL, Mr. Charles Arthur 62 Saloon British
DIXON, Mr. Alfred 29 Third British
DIXON, Mr. Arthur Second British
DIXON, Master Stanley 6 Second British
DODWELL, Miss Eleanor 26 Victualling British
DOMINGUES, Mr. Manuel Third (Distressed British Seaman) British
DONAHUE, Miss Sarah 35 Second British
DONNELLY, Mr. John Engineering British
DONOGHUE, Mr. Peter Engineering British
DOUGALL, Miss Catherine 24 Saloon British
DOUGHERTY (Pitchford), Mr. William Engineering British
DOWSLEY, Dr. David H. 54 Third British
DOYLE, Miss Anna "Annie" 24 Third British
DOYLE, Mr. John 35 Engineering British (Irish)
DOYLE, Mr. Peter 32 Engineering British (Irish)
DRAKE, Mr. Bernard Audley Mervyn 21 Saloon British
DREDGE, Mr. Joseph Allan 43 Saloon British
DREDGE, Mrs. Joseph Allan (Evelyn) 39 Saloon British
DRISCOLL, Mr. Cornelius 20 Victualling British 67
DRISCOLL, Mr. Timothy 45 Third USA
DUCKWORTH, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
DUGGAN, Mr. John 31 Engineering British (Irish)
DUNCAN, Miss Christina Campbell 36 Victualling British
DUNCAN, Mr. Peter Robinson 31 Engineering British
DUNN, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
DUNN, Mr. Thomas W. 34 Third British
DUNSMUIR, Mr. James A., Jr. 21 Saloon British
DUPLEX, Miss Kate M. 34 Third British
DYER, Mr. John Engineering British
EASTWOOD, Mr. William Henry Victualling British
EDGAR, Mr. William Henry Victualling British
EDWARDS, Mr. Henry Victualling British
EDWARDS, Mr. Isaac 28 Third British
EDWARDS, Mr. Joseph Victualling British
ELLIOT, Mr. Arthur Graham "Jo"  19 Deck British
ELLIOTT, Mr. Arthur W. 30 Second British
ELLIOTT, Mr. James Engineering British
ELLIS, Mr. Herbert 45 Second British 139
ELLIS, Miss Hilda Second British
EMOND, Mr. Walter Alfred 46 Saloon British 20 (DA)
ENDERSON, Mrs. Anna 45 Victualling Norwegian 71
ENNIS, Mr. John Engineering British
ESHOO, Mr. Benjamin 35 Third British
EVANS, Mr. Thomas William Deck British
EXLEY, Miss Ida 19 Second British
FAIRHURST, Mr. Wilfred George Engineering British
FEARON, Mr. Peter 30 Engineering British
FEELEY, Mrs. Teresa (Teresa Clery) 34 Third British 4 (Q)
FEELY, Mr. Joseph 29 Third British
FENTIMAN, Miss Nellie 33 Second British 148
FENTON, Mr. Colin Stanley Moorhouse Engineering British
FENWICK, Mr. John 44 Saloon
FERGUSON, Master Edward 15-months Third USA 154
FERGUSON, Mr. John 49 ? Second USA
FERGUSON, Mrs. Samuel James (Mary Agnes) 23 Third USA
FERRICK, Mr. John 26 Third British
FERRICK, Miss Margaret 22 Third British
FERRIER, Mr. Alexander Hubert Buxton Second British
FERRIER, Miss Sheila 1 Second British 123
FIELDS, Mr. William Engineering British
FINCH, Mrs. William (Eva Eliza) 29 Second British 85
FINNEGAN, Mr. Edward 22 Engineering British (Irish)
FISH, Miss Joan 05-months Second British
FLAHERTY, Mr. Thomas 29 Third British
FLEMING, Mr. Herbert  19 Deck British
FLYNN, Mr. John 37 Third British
FOLEY, Mr. Arthur Richard 50 Second USA 36
FORD, Mr. Arthur Hugh Victualling British 58
FORD, Mr. John 45 Engineering British 55
FORMAN, Mr. Justus Miles 39 Saloon USA
FOSTER, Mr. John Victualling British
FOULKES, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth (Margaret Elizabeth Hughes) 42 Victualling British
FOWLES, Mr. Charles Frederick 49 Saloon British 2 (DA)
FOWLES, Mrs. Charles Frederick (Frances May Turner) 47 Saloon British 129
FOX, Mr. Francis Edwin 30 Second British
FOX, Mrs. Francis Edwin (Emily) 28 Second British
FRANKUM, Master Frederick George 4 Third USA
FRANKUM, Mrs. Joseph (Annie Mariah B.) 36 Third British
FRANKUM, Miss Winifred Annie 10-months Third USA
FREEMAN, Mr. Richard Rich, Jr. ? Saloon USA
FRENCH, Mr. Edward Stanley Engineering British
FRIEDENSTEIN, Mr. Joseph 48 Saloon British
FRIEDMAN, Mr. Samuel 28 Second USA
FRIEND, Professor Edwin William 28 Saloon USA
FROHMAN, Mr. Charles 54 Saloon USA 24
FULTON, Mr. John Napier 59 Second USA
GALLAGHER, Mr. George Engineering British
GALVIN, Mr. Michael 30 Third British
GARDNER, Mr. Alfred Engineering British
GARDNER, Mr. James Andrew Second British
GARDNER, Mrs. James Andrew (Annie) Second British
GARDNER, Mr. William George 45 Victualling British 20 (Q)
GARRY, Mr. Christopher 51 Second USA
GARRY, Dr. Joseph 25 Deck British (Irish)
GAUL, Mr. Richard Engineering British (Irish)
GAUTHIER, Mr. Carlos Second Argentinean
GAVAN, Mr. Peter 30 Engineering British (Irish)
GENANSELM, Mr. A. Third (Distressed British Seaman) British
GERAGHTY, Mr. Martin 38 Victualling British (Irish)
GERMAN, Mr. Samuel Henry Victualling British
GIBBONS, Mr. Michael 36 Third USA
GIBSON, Mr. Matthew Orr 48 Saloon British
GIFTENBURG, Mr. Anton Victualling Dutch
GILL, Mrs. James (Catherine Harris) 40 Second British 1 (Q)
GILPIN, Mr. George Arthur 47 Saloon British 245
GILROY, Mr. Charles Stuart 22 Victualling British 124
GILSENAN, Mr. Hugh 60 Second USA
GLANCY, Mr. James Wilson Victualling British
GLEASON, Miss Katherine 23 Third British
GLOVER, Mr. George Alfred Victualling British
GOODALL, Master Jack 10-months Third USA
GOODALL, Master Leonard 7 Third British
GOODALL, Mr. William 30 Third British
GOODALL, Mrs. William (Beatrice) 33 Third British
GOODE, Mr. George 23 Third British
GOODMAN, Mr. Arthur Second British
GORER, Mr. Edgar Ezekiel 43 Saloon British
GORST, Mr. Frederick William Victualling British
GOULD, Mr. Richard 34 Engineering British
GOWAN, Mr. G. Victualling British
GRAHAM, Mr. Gordon 26 Third British
GRANDIDGE, Mrs. Arthur (Nancie B. May) 26 Second British 155
GRANDIDGE, Miss Eva Mary 3 Second British
GRANT, Mr. Michael 36 Engineering British (Irish)
GRANT, Mr. Montagu Tassell 47 Saloon British 230
GRANT, Mrs. Montagu Tassell (Chastina Janet Moore) 43 Saloon British 47
GRAY, Master Stuart James 4 Second USA
GRAY, Mrs. William Hiram (Terence Florence Healey) 24 Second USA
GREENSHIELDS, Mr. A. J. Third British 217
GREENWOOD, Master Ronald Sutcliffe 11 Second USA
GREGORY, Mr. John Henry Engineering British
GRIFFITHS, Mr. William Henry Engineering British
GRIFFITHS, Mr. Samuel Herman Engineering British
GRIMSHAW, Mr. Arthur 18 Second British
GRIWACCZEWSKI, Mr. Michael 28 Third Russian
GROVES, Master Frederick 1.5 Second British
GROVES, Mr. George 70 Third British/USA
GROVES, Mr. Sydney Frederick 28 Second British
GROVES, Mrs. Sydney Frederick (Clara Lee) 27 Second British 166
HAIGH, Mr. James Harold 38 Second British
HALE, Miss Sarah Rachel Orr "Sadie" 24 Victualling British (Irish) 127
HAMEL, Mr. George James Engineering British
HAMILTON, Mrs. John (Isabella Murrhead) Second British
HAMMOND, Mr. Frederick Sydney 29 Saloon British
HAMMOND, Mrs. Ogden Haggerty (Mary Picton Stevens) 29 Saloon USA
HANCOCK, Mr. Thomas 36 Third British
HANDLIN, Mr. David Cowell Victualling British
HANLON, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
HANNAH, Mr. Thomas Victualling British 173
HANSON, Mr. Samuel 51 Second British 44
HANSON, Mrs. Samuel (Mary Harrison) 59 Second British 72
HANUS, Mr. Charles 37 Third British
HANUS, Mrs. Charles (Mary) 37 Third British
HARE, Miss Bessie 27 Second British 95
HARKENS, Mr. Alexander 41 Third British
HARPER, Mr. John Henry 55 Saloon British
HARRIES, Mr. George Edward Victualling British
HARRIS, Mr. Edward James Engineering British
HARRIS, Mr. John Lewis Victualling British
HARRIS, Mr. Reuben 63 (51?) Second British
HARRIS, Mrs. Reuben (Emma) 61 Second British
HARRISON, Mr. Herbert Kesteven 37 Second British
HARRISON, Mr. James 48 Second British 168
HARROD, Mr. Alfred Victualling British
HARVEY, Mr. William 53 Third USA 7 (DA)
HASTINGS, Mrs. David (Margaret Anderson Gardiner) 40 Second British
HAWKINS, Mr. Frederick William Saloon British
HAYBYRNE, Mr. James Benedict Victualling British
HAYES, Mr. John Henry Lamie 30 Engineering British
HEAP, Mr. Harry Victualling British
HEBDEN, Mrs. Robert (Clara) 27 Third British 114
HEFFORD, Mr. Percy  34 Deck British
HENDRICKSON, Mr. Knud I. Second British
HENN, Mr. Ernest George 35 Second British 144
HENN, Mrs. Ernest George (Edith Mabel Fisher) 27 Second British 8 (Q)
HENSHAW, Miss Mary (Constance?) 05-months Second British
HERBERT, Mrs. E. V. (Florence) 26 Second British
HERMAN, Mr. Albert  26 Deck British
HESTON, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
HETHERINGTON, Mr. Walter Lewis Engineering British
HICKSON, Miss Kathryn 57 Saloon USA
HIGGINBOTTOM, Miss Mary "Polly" Second British
HIGGINS, Mr. John Victualling British
HILLHOUSE, Mr. Hugh Engineering British
HILTON, Mr. George Percival Victualling British
HINE, Mr. John Benjamin 24 Victualling British 171
HODDER, Mr. James Engineering British
HODGES, Master Dean Winston 5 Saloon USA
HODGES, Mr. William Sterling 33 Saloon USA
HODGES, Mrs. William Sterling (Sarah Grisemer) 35 Saloon USA 209
HODGES, Master William Sterling, Jr. 8 Saloon USA 220
HOEY, Mr. James 25 Engineering British (Irish)
HOLDEN, Mr. James William Victualling British
HOMEWOOD, Mr. William Thomas 30 Second British
HOPKINS, Mr. Albert Lloyd 44 Saloon USA 194
HOPKINS, Miss Alice Eliza 33 Second British 187
HOPKINS, Mr. David Thomas 25 ? Second British
HOPKINS, Miss Kate Mary 35 Second British 5 (Q)
HOPKINS, Mr. Patrick 25 Engineering British (Irish)
HORDEN, Mr. Joseph Thomas Engineering British
HORNCASTLE, Mr. William Alfred Engineering British
HORRIGAN, Mr. Michael Engineering British
HORSBURGH, Miss Martha 21 Second British
HORTON, Mrs. Edwin (Elizabeth) 51 Second British 77
HOUGHTON, Mr. Thomas Johnson Victualling British
HOUSTON, Mr. Frank 27 Third British
HOWARD, Mr. William 36 Third British
HOWDLE, Mrs. Jane Ellen (Jane Ellen Hughes) 33 Victualling British 183
HUBBARD, Mr. Elbert Green 58 Saloon USA
HUBBARD, Mrs. Elbert Green (Alice Moore) 53 Saloon USA
HUBBARD, Mr. Frederick Cole Amos 24 (23?) Second British
HUGHES, Mr. John Edward Deck British
HUGHES, Mr. Owen Engineering British
HUGHES, Mr. Thomas Owen Victualling British
HUGHES, Mr. William Victualling British
HUGHES, Master (?) William Wilson Victualling British
HUME, Mr. Archie Engineering British
HUME, Mrs. Samuel Elliott (Mary Agnes Elliott) 27? Second USA
HUMPHREYS, Mr. Henry St. Giles Second British
HUNT, Miss Isabella Gertrude 37 Second British 205
HUNTER, Mr. George Hardie 36 Second British
HUNTER, Mrs. George Hardie (Maggie MacGregor) 39 Second British
HURLEY, Mr. Charles Edwin 33 Third USA
HUSTON, Miss Nellie 31 Second British
HUTCHINSON, Miss Phyllis 24 Saloon British
HUTHER, Mr. Edwin Arthur Victualling British
INMAN, Mr. John Edward 26 Third British
IRETON, Mr. Edward 36 Third British
IRVINE, Miss Catherine 30 Victualling British
ISHERWOOD, Mr. Fred 29 Third British
IVANNIK, Mr. Peter 34 Third Russian
IVERSON, Mr. Ambrose Victualling British
JACKSON, Mr. Percy Thornton Second British
JACOBAEUS, Mr. Sigurd Anton 55 Saloon Swedish 84
JACOBS, Mrs. Abraham (Liba Bella Chirug) 67 Third British 33
JAMES, Mr. Oswald Victualling British
JENKINS, Mr. Alfred 73 Third British
JENKINS, Mr. James Engineering British
JESSOP, Mr. Robert Nelson Victualling British
JOHANNSEN, Mr. Sven 36 Third Swedish
JOHNSON, Mr. Albert E. 72 Third British
JOHNSON, Mr. James Andrew Santie Victualling British
JOHNSON, Mr. John 27 Third British
JONES, Miss Gwendolyn 29 Second British
JONES, Mr. Alfred Victualling British
JONES, Mrs. Alfred (Ellen) Second British
JONES, Mr. Charles (Cann Cooper Lann) Victualling British
JONES, Mr. Evan 59 Third USA
JONES, Mr. Fred Second British
JONES, Mr. Hugh Engineering British
JONES, Mr. Isaac "Ike" Talbot Second British
JONES, Mr. John Engineering British
JONES, Miss Margaret Druller 41 Saloon British 89
JONES, Miss Mary Elizabeth 43 Victualling British 30
JONES, Mr. Patrick Llewellynn 28 Second British 94
JONES, Mr. Richard Ellis 31 Engineering British 22
JONES, Mr. William Deck British
JONES, Mr. William Victualling British
JONES, Master William Edward 15-months Second British
JORGENSON, Mrs. Karen 35 Victualling Danish
KAPERALIA, Mr. Nikola 33 Third Persian
KASIARAN, Mr. Mirja 50 Third Russian
KAY, Mrs. James (Marguerita Belsher) 31 Second British
KEARNEY, Mr. Patrick 25 Engineering British (Irish)
KEARNEY, Mr. Thomas 25 Engineering British (Irish)
KEATING, Mr. Philip Engineering British
KEEGAN, Mr. John Ernest Engineering British
KEELY, Miss Annie Second British
KEHOE, Mr. Denis Engineering British
KELLETT, Mr. Francis Cranston 47 Saloon USA
KELLY, Mr. Alfred Aloysius Victualling British
KELLY, Miss Annie 19 Third British
KELLY, Mr. James Robert 42? Second British
KELLY, Mr. John Engineering British
KELLY, Miss Margaret S. 34 Second USA 125
KELLY, Miss Marie 32 Third British (Irish) 87
KELLY, Mr. Sidney Crawford Engineering British
KELLY, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
KENNEDY, Mrs. Caroline "Carrie" (Caroline Hickson) 53 Saloon USA 160
KENNEDY, Mr. John James Engineering British
KENNY, Miss Mary Bridget 2 Second British
KENNY, Mrs. Peter (Margaret) Second British
KENNY, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
KENRICK, Mr. Henry Victualling British
KENT, Mr. John George Victualling British
KESER, Mr. Harry J. 41 Saloon USA 255
KESER, Mrs. Harry J. (Mary Bringhurst Floyd) 40 Saloon USA 208
KEVORKE, Mr. Ahajan 28 Third Russian
KEWLEY, Mr. Ernest Alexander 38 Victualling British 206
KILKENNEY, Miss Annie 22 Third British
KINCH, Mrs. William (Eunice Mustoe) 45 Second British
KING, Mr. George 32 Third British
KING, Mr. Harry 24 Third British
KING, Mr. Michael Engineering British
KING, Miss Sarah (Mrs. Michael Doherty) 24 Third British
KING, Mrs. William Edward (Martha Frances) 59 Second British 7 (Q)
KING, Mr. Thomas Boyce 49 Saloon USA 61
KINSHOTT, Mr. William Henry Victualling British
KLEIN, Mr. Charles 48 Saloon British
KNIGHT, Mr. Charles Harwood 39 Saloon USA
KNIGHT, Miss Elaine "Naina" Harwood 42 Saloon USA
KOCZURKO, Mr. Wilkenti 59 Third Russian
KORNEJCZYK, Mr. Andrej 25 Third Russian
KOWERETZ, Mr. Naum D. 29 Third Russian
KOZLOWSKI, Mr. Mr. Kost 26 Third Russian (Polish)
KUEBELLICK, Mr. Samuel Max 31 Second British
KULICZ, Mr. Stegan 32 Third Russian (Polish)
LADD, Mr. Owen 33 Second British
LAFFEY, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
LAKE, Mr. William Victualling British
LAKIN, Miss Martha Maria 40 Second British 182
LAMBERT, Mrs. John (Delia Gately) 25 Third British
LAMBERT, Master William Patrick 5 Third USA
LAMBIE, Mrs. Daniel (Mary Docherty) 27 Second British
LAMBIE, Miss Elizabeth 8 Second British
LAMBIE, Miss Mary 2 Second British
LANCASTER, Miss Annie Second British
LANCASTER, Miss Dorothy Second British
LANCASTER, Mr. Francis William 50 Second British 12
LANE, Sir Hugh Percy 39 Saloon British
LAPPHANE, Mr. Charles 19 Victualling British 119
LARKIN, Mr. James J. Engineering British
LATHAM, Mr. George Engineering British
LAWRENCE, Miss Ella Woods 50 Second British 145
LAWRENSON, Mr. Edward Second British
LAWRENSON, Mrs. Edward (Elizabeth) Second British
LAWTON, Mr. John Engineering British
LEA, Mr. James Engineering British
LEACH, Mr. John Neil 25 Victualling British (Jamaican)
LEAROYD, Mr. Charles Alfred 47 Saloon British 257
LEATHERS, Mr. Samuel Engineering British
LEDENE, Mr. Thomas 50 Deck British (Irish)
LEDGER, Mr. James Victualling British
LEDSON, Mr. John Victualling British
LEE, Mr. Daniel 50 Engineering British (Irish) 219
LEE, Mr. William Engineering British
LEIGH, Mr. Evan Arthur 64 Saloon British
LEMBERG, Mr. Ferdinand Victualling Dutch
LETTS, Mr. Gerald Arthur 45 Saloon British
LEVERICH, Miss Rosina Philip 28 Second USA
LEVERICH, Mrs. William Edward (Rosina Thomas Philips) 60 Second USA 254
LEWIN, Mr. Frederick Guy 45 Saloon British
LEWIS, Mr. F. Engineering British
LEWIS, Mr. Fred Victualling British
LEYLAND, Mr. William 44 Third British
LICHACZOW, Mr. Ignatii 23 Third Russian
LINDLEY, Mr. Harry 24 Third British
LINTON, Mr. Isaac 48 Engineering British 65
LINTOTT, Mr. Roy Iver 21 Second British
LITTLE, Miss Alice Laura 14-months Second British
LITTLE, Mrs. J. (Margaret) 24 Second British
LIZAWCZUK, Mr. Alexaj 26 Third Russian
LOCKHART, Mr. James 30 Third British
LOCKHART, Mr. Peter Engineering British
LOCKWOOD, Master Clifford 11 Third British
LOCKWOOD, Mrs. Dick (Florence Robshaw) 35 Third British
LOCKWOOD, Miss Lily (Lillian) 7 Third USA 69
LOGAN, Master Robert 11-months (3?) Third USA 42
LOGNUNIETZ, Mr. Wasili 23 Third Russian
LONEY, Mr. Allen Donnellan 43 Saloon USA
LONEY, Mrs. Allen Donnellan (Catharine Wolfe Brown) 37 Saloon USA
LONG, Mr. Harry 21 Third British
LONGDIN, Mr. Arthur 39 Second British
LONGDIN, Mrs. Arthur (Matilda Hartley) 30 Second British 157
LORENSON, Miss Greta (nurse to the Pearls) 23 Saloon Danish
LOSEVICZ, Mr. Fadej 32 Third Russian
LOUGHRAN, Mr. Peter 19 Engineering British (Irish)
LOVETT, Miss Mary Second British
LOYND, Reverend David 51 Second British 234
LOYND, Mrs. David (Alice Grimshaw) 49 Second British 75
LUCK, Mrs. Arthur Courtlandt (Charlotte Field) 34 Saloon USA
LUCK, Master Elbridge Courtlandt 9 Saloon USA
LUCK, Master Kenneth Field 8 Saloon USA
LUCKO, Mr. Timofej 20 Third Russian 96
LUKIANOWICZ, Mr. Wawren 39 Third Russian (Polish)
LUND, Mr. Charles Henry 29 Second USA 229
LYONS, Miss Annie 26 Third British
LYONS, Mr. Archibald Engineering British
MACDONA, Mrs. Henry D. (Amelia Herbert) 59 Saloon USA 63
MacGREGOR, Mr. Arthur L. 31 Second British
MacGREGOR, Mrs. Betsy 63 Second British
MacHARDY, Mrs. Peter Kenneth (Annie) Second USA
MACKAY, Mr. Hamish 33 Second British
MacKENZIE, Mr. Henry Victualling British
MacKENZIE, Mrs. Robert (Mary A.) Second USA
MacKENZIE (McKENZIE?), Mr. Kenneth 22 Victualling British (Irish) 140
MACKY, Mr. Joseph Cochrane Second British
MACKY, Mrs. Joseph Cochrane (Mary Birrell) 56 Second British
MACLAY, Miss Bessie Second British
MacLENNAN, Mr. Frederick Ebenezer 44 Saloon British
MacPHERSON, Mr. John Victualling British
MADDEN, Mr. John 43 Engineering British 197
MAINMAN, Mr. Alfred Reid 55 Second British
MAINMAN, Mrs. Alfred Reid (Elizabeth Sarah "Annie" Dowsett) Second British
MAINMAN, Mr. Alfred S. 19 Second British
MAINMAN, Mr. John V. 21 Second British 118
MALLIN, Mr. William Engineering British
MALONE, Mr. Thomas  60 Deck British
MANAN, Mr. Andrew Engineering British
MANNING, Mr. John Engineering British
MARCHEWKA, Mr. Josef 50 Third Russian
MARKEY, Mr. Patrick 30 Engineering British (Irish)
MARKS, Mrs. G. (Elizabeth Brock) 50 Third British
MARKS, Miss Georgina 24 Third British
MARRION, Mr. John Engineering British
MARSH, Mr. Thomas 29 Third British 80
MARSH, Master Thomas, Jr. 11-months Third British
MARSHALL, Mr. James Victualling British
MARTIN, Mr. Charles D. 31 ? Second British
MARTIN-DAVEY, Mr. Arthur 18 Second British
MARTIN-DAVEY, Mr. William Second British
MARTIN-DAVEY, Mr. William (Elizabeth Cumbe Heard) 53 Second British 35
MASON, Mr. Joseph Howard 31 Third British
MASON, Mr. Stewart Southam 30 Saloon British 59
MASON, Mrs. Stewart Southam (Leslie Hawthorne Lindsey) 28 Saloon USA 152
MATTHEWS, Lieutenant Robert 34 Second British 1 (K)
MATTHEWS, Mrs. Robert (Annie) Second British
MATTHEWSON, Master Joseph 08-months Second British
MATTHEWSON, Mrs. Maud E. S. Second British
MATURIN, Father Basil William 68 Saloon British 223
MAURICE, Mr. George 43 Saloon British
McADAM, Mr. Michael Engineering British
McAFEE, Mr. Thomas 28 Third British
McALEER, Mr. James Engineering British
McALTEER, Mr. Matthew Victualling British
McENEANY, Mr. John 23 Third British
McARTHUR, Mr. William George Victualling British
McATEER, Mr. Francis Engineering British
McBRIDE, Mr. Peter 52 Engineering British (Irish)
McCABE, Mr. Andrew Engineering British
McCABE, Mr. John Alexander Engineering British
McCABE, Mr. Richard Engineering British
McCALLUM, Mr. Albert Alexander 27 Third British
McCANN, Mr. Owen 30 Engineering British (Irish)
McCANN, Mr. Thomas Michael 22 Engineering British (Irish)
McCARTHY, Mr. Bartholemew Engineering British (Irish)
McCLEAN, Mr. Robert Engineering British
McCLEOD, Mr. William Victualling British
McCLURE, Miss Margaret Second British
McCONKEY, Mr. Christopher Evans 42 Victualling British (Irish)
McCORKINDALE, Mrs. Daniel (Elizabeth Ritchie) 33 Second British
McCORKINDALE, Master Duncan 7 Second British
McCORKINDALE, Miss Mary Infant Second British
McCORMACK, Miss Margarita Christina 34 Victualling British (Indian)
McCORMICK, Mr. James 44 Engineering British (Irish)
McCREADY, Mr. Robert G. 28 Third British
McCUBBIN, Mr. James Alexander 50 Deck British
McCUTCHEON, Mr. Thomas Engineering British (Irish)
McDERMOTT, Dr. James Farrell 38 Deck British (Irish) 200
McDERMOTT, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
McDONALD, Mr. James Engineering British
McDONALD, Mr. John Engineering British
McEVOY, Mr. Henry Second British
McFARLANE, Mr. Malcolm John Victualling British
McGEOUGH, Mr. Michael 30 Engineering British (Irish)
McGLADE, Mr. George  27 Deck British
McGOVERN, Miss Mazie Second USA
McGREGOR, Miss Agnes 43 Victualling British
McGUGAN, Mr. Walter Engineering British
McILROY, Mr. Archibald Second British
McKECHAN, Master James 5 Second British
McKENNA, Mr. Bernard 29 Engineering British (Irish)
McKENNA, Mr. John Engineering British
McKEON, Miss Jane 24 Third British
McKINNON, Mrs. Robert (Jeanie Gilmour Beith) Second British
McLAUGLIN, Mr. Joseph Victualling British
McLEAN, Mr. Walter 38 Saloon British
McLEOD, Mr. Victor  15 Deck British 92
McLOUGHLIN, Mr. John Engineering British
McMAHON, Mr. Patrick 37 Engineering British (Irish)
McMURTRY, Mr. Frederick A. 45 Saloon British
McNALLY, Mr. Peter  21 Deck British
McNULTY, Mr. Peter 30 Engineering British (Irish)
McNULTY, Mr. Stephen 27 Third British 19
McPARLAND, Mr. Terence 26 Engineering British (Irish)
McPARTLIN, Mr. Myles Second USA
MEANEY, Mr. George Peter 30 Third British 45
MEDBURY, Mr. Maurice Benjamin 50 Saloon USA
MELIA, Mr. Patrick 50 Engineering British
MENZIES, Miss Isabella 57 Second British
MICHALKOWICZ, Mr. Iwan 26 Third Russian (Polish)
MILLAR, Mrs. Aubrey M. (Margaret Todd) Second British
MILLER, Captain James Blaine 32 Saloon USA 13
MILLS, Mr. Charles Veitch 33 Saloon USA
MILLS, Mr. John Victualling British
MILNE, Miss Carolina (nurse to Master Stephens) Saloon British
MITCHELHILL, Mr. William (Mitchell Hill) Second British
MITCHELL, Mr. James Duncan Saloon British
MITCHELL, Mr. John Engineering British
MITCHELL, Mr. Walter Dawson 27 Second British (Irish) 56
MITCHELL, Master Walter Dawson, Jr. 10-months Second USA 122
MOFFATT, Mr. John Herbertson Bernstone Hyman Victualling British
MOFFATT, Mr. William Second British
MOLDEN, Mr. James Engineering British
MOLLOY, Miss Margaret Second British (Irish)
MOLLOY, Mr. Robert J. Third British
MOODIE, Mr. Ralph Troupe Saloon British
MOODY, Mrs. Martha (Martha Hemphill) 70 Second British (Irish)
MOORE, Mr. Edwin Second British
MOORE, Mr. Ernest Second British
MORRICE, Mr. David Engineering British
MORRIS, Mr. John Engineering British
MORRISON, Mr. Kenneth John 48 Saloon British
MORROW, Miss Harding 42 Victualling British
MOSS, Mr. John Barrow Victualling British
MOUNSEY, Mr. William Edgar 58 Second USA
MURASKO, Mr. Boris 24 Third Russian
MURPHY, Mr. John Henry 32 Victualling British
MURPHY, Mr. Matthew 58 Engineering British (Irish)
MURRAY, Mrs. James (Margaret Gray) 26 Third British
MURRAY, Mrs. Mary Third British
MURRAY, Master Walter 4.25 Third British
MUSTOE-KINCH, Mr. William 19 Second British
MYERS, Mr. Herman Abraham 44 Saloon USA
MYLASKA, Mr. C. Engineering British
MYLES, Mr. Peter 17 Engineering British
NAISH, Mr. Theodore 59 Second USA
NAUMANN, Mr. Frank Gustavus 61 Saloon British 76
NEEDHAM, Mr. John Engineering British
NEEMS, Mr. William F. Victualling British
NEILBORSKI, Mr. Gregory 22 Third Russian
NEILSON, Mr. Charles H. 18 Second British
NEILSON, Mr. Henry 41 Second British
NEILSON, Mrs. Henry (Frances) 40 Second British
NEIMARK, Mr. Abraham Second Russian or Belgian (?)
NEVILLE, Mr. Albert Charles 40 Second British
NEVILLE, Master Charles 11 Second British
NEVILLE, Miss Evelyn 14 Second British
NEVILLE, Miss Muriel 4 Second British
NICE, Mr. Reginald Bertie S. Victualling British
NICHOL, Miss Mary F. 22 Second British
NICHOLL, Mr. George Second British
NICHOLSON, Mr. Charles Duncan 27 Second British
NIKANDER, Mr. Gunnar Third Russian (Finnish)
NORMAN, Mr. Jasper 27 Third British
NORMAN, Mr. Robert 39 Second British
NORTON, Mr. Bernard Patrick 44 Engineering British (Irish)
NUSSBAUM, Mr. Samuel Victualling Swiss
NYBLOM, Mr. Gustaf Adolf 29 Saloon Swedish 142
O’BRIEN, Mr. Patrick Engineering British
O’HARE, Mr. Owen 42 Engineering British 193
O’NEILL, Mr. Bernard Engineering British
O’NEILL, Mr. Michael 44 Engineering British (Irish)
OBERLIN, Miss Elise (maid to the Stephenses) Saloon Swiss
O'CONNOR, Mr. John 23 Third British
OGINSKI, Mr. Danil 27 Third Russian
OHANNIA, Mr. Aziz 35 Third Persian
O'KELLY, Mr. John J. 28 Third British
OLESZKO, Mr. John 22 Third Russian
OLIVAR, Mr. Diego 46 Third Mexican
ORANGE, Mr. John 24 Engineering British (Irish)
ORMROD, Mr. James 41 Engineering British
ORMROD, Mr. Thomas 40 Engineering British
ORWIN, Mr. Nicholas Victualling British
ORYDYNIEC, Mr. Andrzej 45 Third Russian (Polish) 1 (DA)
OSBORNE, Mr. J. Engineering British
OSBOURNE, Mrs. T. O. (Ella) 31 Saloon British
OWENS, Mr. Owen Deck British
OWENS, Mr. Patrick 29 Third British
OWENS, Master Reginald (son of Cecelia Owens) 8 Second British
OWENS, Mr. Richard Engineering British
OWENS, Master Ronald (son of Cecelia Owens) 10 Second British
PADILLA, Mr. Frederico G. 34 Saloon Mexican 175
PAGE, Mr. John Harvey 40 Saloon USA
PALMER, Master Albert 06-months Second British 179
PALMER, Mr. Albert Second British
PALMER, Mrs. Albert (Annie Oakes) 33 Second British 179
PALMER, Mr. Charles 21 Third British
PALMER, Master Edgar 6 Second British 184
PALMER, Mr. Frank Arthur Second British
PALMER, Miss Kathleen 41 Second British
PALMER, Miss Olive 4 Second British
PALMER, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
PAPPADOPOULOS, Mr. Michael N. 43 Saloon Greek 210
PARSONS, Mr. Archibald Ernest 30 Second British 106
PARTLETT, Miss Enid 13 Second British
PARTLETT, Mrs. Frank (Amy) 35 Second British
PATON, Mr. J. F. Engineering Brazilian
PAYNE, Mr. Michael Engineering British
PAYNTER, Mr. Charles Edwin 63 Saloon British 37
PEARDON, Mr. Franklin Arthur 35 Saloon British
PEARL, Miss Amy Whitewright Warren 2.5 Saloon USA
PEARL, Miss Susan Whitewright 1.5 Saloon USA
PEARSON, Dr. Fred Stark 53 Saloon USA 16
PEARSON, Mrs. Fred Stark (Mabel Ward) 52 Saloon USA 216
PELLS, Master John Infant Second British
PENKEYMAN, Mr. Samuel J. Victualling British
PERKINS, Mr. Edwin 41 Saloon British
PERRY, Mr. Albert Norriss 28 Saloon British 162
PERRY, Mr. John Victualling British
PETRENOK, Mr. Andrej 34 Third Russian
PHAIR, Reverend Canon Ernest Edward Maxwell 44 Second British 79
PHILLIPS, Mr. William 40 Third British
PIMBLETT, Mr. James Engineering British
PINKERTON, Mr. Robert Victualling British (Irish)
PIPER, Mr. John P. Deck British 231
PIRIE, Master Arthur 4 Second British
PIRIE, Mrs. Arthur (Annie) 35 Second British
PIRIE, Miss Margaret 10 Second British
PIRRIE, Miss Henrietta Second British
PLAMONDON, Mr. Charles Ambrose 59 Saloon USA 25
PLAMONDON, Mrs. Charles Ambrose (Mary Letitia Mackin) 58 Saloon USA 163
PODRUBLENY, Mr. Aleksij 38 Third Russian
POLLARD, Mr. Henry 30 Saloon British
POOLE, Mrs. Thomas William (Gertrude Kate Elizabeth Veale) 45 Second British
POTTER, Mr. Benjamin Victualling British
POTTER, Mr. Walter Second British
POWELL, Mr. George A. 55 Saloon British
PRESCOTT, Mrs. George (Bertha Martin) 30 Second British
PRESS, Miss Mary Jane 34 Second British 116
PRICE, Mr. C. Victualling British
PRICHARD, Mr. Richard Preston 29 Second British
PROUDFOOT, Mr. Samuel Lamond Second British
PROWSE, Mr. Thomas Victualling British
PRYOR, Mr. John 25 Third British
PURSE, Mr. Reginald Second British
PURSE, Mrs. Reginald (Gertrude Alice) Second British
PYE, Miss Marjorie 18-months Second British 239
QUARRIE, Mr. Walter Scott Engineering British
QUINN, Mr. George Engineering British
QUINN, Master Thomas James (son of Thomas Quinn, AB seaman) 17 Deck British
QUIRK, Mr. William Eduard 33 Deck British 233
RAFFERTY, Mr. Joseph 23 Engineering British (Irish)
RATCLIFF, Mr. Peter Engineering British
REID, Mr. Alfred Victualling British
REID, Mrs. Ellen 26 Third British 161?
REID, Mr. James Deck British
REID, Mr. John H. 50 Third British
REID, Mr. Peter Second British
RICE, Mr. Michael 60 Engineering British (Irish)
RICHARDS, Miss Dora Millicent 18-months Second USA
RICHARDSON, Miss Annie 37 Victualling British
RIGBY, Mr. G. 24 Engineering British 49
RISTON, Mr. Issac Victualling British
RITCHIE, Mr. William Joss Second British
ROACH(E), Mr. James Engineering British
ROBB, Mr. Joseph 27 Deck British 51
ROBERTS, Miss Annie Jane 35 Victualling British 60
ROBERTS, Mr. John Victualling British
ROBERTSON, Mr. Andrew Second British
ROBINS, Mr. T. (Edward Kyle) Deck British
ROBINSON, Mr. Allan William 26 Third British
ROBINSON, Mr. Charles E. H. 54 Saloon British
ROBINSON, Mrs. Charles E. H. (Prudence Mary Rose) 59 Saloon British
ROBINSON, Miss Emily (maid to Theodate Pope) Saloon USA
ROBINSON, Mr. Thomas H. Second British
ROBSHAW, Mrs. George (Edith) 26 Third British
ROBSON, Miss Annie 30 Second British
ROBSON, Mr. Kenneth Hamilton Stewart 29 Second British
ROGAN, Mr. John Engineering British
ROGERS, Mr. Frank Albert 34 Saloon British
ROGERS, Mrs. Frank Albert (Agnes Bloor Hill) Saloon British 188
ROGERS, Mr. Richard James 41 Second British
ROLFE, Mr. George Sommerville 31 Second British
RONNAN, Mr. George 16 Victualling British 53
ROONEY, Miss Mary Second British
ROSS, Mr. Henry Victualling British
ROWE, Mr. John Engineering British
ROWELL, Mr. Thomas Reuben Second British
RUFFELS, Mr. William Samuel Victualling British
RUMBLE, Mr. Thomas Walter 27 Saloon British
RYAN, Miss Mary Second British
RYAN (Rice), Mr. Edward Engineering British (Irish)
RYERSON, Mrs. George Sterling (Mary Amelia Crowther) 56 Saloon British
RYLANDS, Mr. William Deakin Victualling British
SALT, Mr. Henry Jordan 37 Second USA
SAMOILESCU, Mr. David (Dave Samuels) 32 Second USA 99
SARGIS, Mr. Pera 28 Third Persian
SAULTRY, Mr. William Victualling British
SAVAGE, Mr. Frank Engineering British
SCHWABACHER, Mr. Leo M. 49 Saloon USA
SCHWARCZ, Mr. Max M. 52 Saloon USA
SCOTT, Captain Alick John Saloon British
SCOTT, Mrs. Arthur (Alice Ann Kay) 29 Third British 50
SCOTT, Mr. C. Engineering British
SEAGRAVES, Mr. Patrick William Deck British
SECCOMBE, Miss Elizabeth Ann 38 Saloon British 164
SECCOMBE, Mr. Percy W. 20 Saloon USA 169
SEISIAN, Mr. Karatioum 35 Third Persian
SELF, Mr. James 33 Third British
SELF, Mrs. James (Florence Carl) 30 Third British
SEMOURS, Mr. Charles T. Second British
SEMPLE, Mrs. Andrew (Agnes Gilmour) 29 Second British
SEMPLE, Master John Infant Second British
SEURRE, Mr. Etienne Pierre Victualling French
SHANN, Mr. Sydney James Victualling British
SHARP, Master (?) Philip Archibald Victualling British
SHAW, Miss Emily 32 Second British
SHEEDY, Mr. Patrick 30 Third British 13 (Q)
SHEPHERD, Mr. Ralph Alfred Engineering British
SHERIDAN, Mr. Geoffrey 50 Engineering British (Irish)
SHERIDAN, Mr. Patrick 56 Engineering British (Irish)
SHEVLAND, Mr. John Victualling British
SHIELDS, Mr. Victor E. 45 Saloon USA 252
SHIELDS, Mrs. Victor E. (Retta Cohen) 44 Saloon USA
SHINEMAN, Mr. James W. 29 Second USA 18 (DA)
SHINEMAN, Mrs. James W. (Margaret McKenzie) Second USA 3 (K)
SHIRRAS, Mr. Robert Brown 26 Third British
SHKERDOFF, Mr. Archie 21 Third Russian
SHYMER, Mrs. Robert D. (Anne C. Patterson Justice) 36 Saloon USA 66
SIDWELL, Mr. George 48 Third British
SIKIWICKI, Mr. Andro 25 Third Russian
SIKORA, Mr. Joseph 32 Third Russian
SILVA, Mr. Thomas James 26 Saloon USA
SKELTON, Mr. Frederick 30 Third British
SLATER, Mr. Frank William Second British
SLIGHT, Mr. Harold James Third (Distressed British Seaman) British
SLOANE, Mr. Leonard Hanson Victualling British
SMART, Mr. George Mercer Second British
SMITH, Miss Agnes 24 Third British
SMITH, Mr. Albert R. 35 Second British
SMITH, Mrs. Albert R. (Gladys E.) 31 Second British
SMITH, Mr. Alfred F. Second British
SMITH, Mrs. Alfred F. (Elizabeth A. Jones) Second British
SMITH, Mr. David J. Second British
SMITH, Miss Dorothy Infant Second British
SMITH, Master Hubert 06-months Second British
SMITH, Mr. George Arthur 32 Second British
SMITH, Mr. Harry Second British
SMITH, Mr. Oliver Barrow Victualling British
SMITH, Mr. Peter Deck British
SMITH, Miss Sarah Second British
SMITH, Mrs. William (Minnie) 28 Third British 110
SMITH, Mr. William Thomas Engineering British
SNOWDEN, Mr. Fred A. 30 Third British
SOLONINA, Mr. Stefan 37 Third Russian
SONNEBORN, Mr. Henry Becker 44 Saloon USA
SOUTHWOLD, Mr. Henry Engineering British
SPENDLEY, Mr. David March Victualling British
SPILLMAN, Mr. John Bowen 33 Second British 26
SPILLMAN, Mrs. John Bowen (Eliza) Second British
STACEY, Mr. Joseph Nelson 22 Third British
STACHULA, Mr. Michael 30 Third Russian
STACKHOUSE, Commander Joseph Foster 41 Saloon British 211
STAINTON, Mr. William (valet to Mr. Frohman) 36 Saloon USA 199
STANDFAST, Mr. Noel 40 Third British
STANKIEWICZ, Mr. Anthony 46 Third Russian (Polish) 198
STANLEY, Mr. Henry William Second British
STANSFIELD, Mr. Leslie Victualling British
STARK, Mr. Robert Lucas Victualling British
STEINBERG, Master (?) Arthur Valentine Victualling British
STENSON, Miss Delia 40 Third British
STEPHENS, Mrs. George Washington (Frances Ramsey McIntosh) 65 Saloon British 28
STEPHENS, Master John Harrison Chattan 18-months Saloon British
STEVENS, Mr. Charles Henry 57 Second USA 241
STEVENS, Mr. John Deck British 98
STEVENSON, Miss Elizabeth P. Infant Second British
STEVENSON, Mr. Hugh 31 Third British
STEVENSON, Mrs. William (Janet M. Wallace) Second British
STEWART, Mr. Duncan 52 Saloon British
STEWART, Mr. Thomas Edgar 23 Victualling British 41
STOKES, Mr. George Edward "Ted" Second British
STOKES, Mrs. George Edward (Mabel Elliott) Second British
STOKES, Master William Second British
STOLARENIC, Mr. Vasili 26 Third Russian
STONE, Mr. Herbert Stuart 43 Saloon USA 256
STONES, Mrs. Norman (Hilda Mary Joy) 29 Second British
STRAUSS, Mr. Julius 39 Saloon British
STRINGER, Mr. Harry 26 Victualling British
STROUD, Miss Helen 3 Second British
STRULZ, Mr. Theodor 27 Third Russian
STUART, Mr. Alexander Saloon British
SULLIVAN, Mr. George Second British
SULLIVAN, Mrs. George (Emily) Second British
SURMAN, Mrs. Henry George (Mabel Annie Bird) Second British
SUTHERST, Mr. Thomas Second British
SUTTAN, Mr. Nugent Moore Victualling British
SWALLOW, Mr. Allan 17 Third British
SWEENEY, Mr. Jeremiah Engineering British
SWIFT, Mr. Edward Victualling British
TADUS, Mr. Asset 38 Third Persian
TAYLOR, Mr. Arthur Third British
TAYLOR, Mrs. Stanley Robert (Annie Sarah Johnson) 41 Second USA
TAYLOR, Mr. Thomas Engineering British
TEAR, Mr. Joseph Edward Engineering British
TESSON, Mr. Frank B. 49 Saloon USA
TESSON, Mrs. Frank B. (Alice Lowe Atkins) 60 Saloon USA
THOMAS, Mr. Ernest 33 Second British 235
THOMAS, Mrs. Ernest (Mary Hannah (Ann?)) Second British
THOMAS, Mr. George Henry Victualling British
THOMAS, Mr. William Stanford 44 Victualling British 138
THOMPSON, Mr. Albert 37 Second British 141
THOMPSON, Mr. Elbridge Blish 32 Saloon USA
THOMPSON, Mr. John Deck British
THOMPSON, Mr. John Engineering British 196
THOMPSON, Mrs. Joseph (Sarah Ann) 40 Third British
THOMPSON, Mr. Michael Engineering British
THOMPSON, Miss Muriel Second British
THOMPSON, Mr. Norman 18 Third British
THOMPSON, Mr. Robert Joseph 37 Second British
THORN, Mr. Alfred Richard Victualling British
THURSTON, Mr. John Second British
TIBERGHIEN, Mr. Georges 32 Saloon French 191
TIERNEY, Mrs. James (Mary) 26 Second British 2 (Q)
TIERNEY, Miss Nina 5 Second British
TIJOU, Master Howard Walter 10 Second British
TODD, Mr. David 28 Second British
TOMMS, Miss Elizabeth Third British
TOOLE, Mr. James 38 Engineering British (Irish) 232
TOPPING, Mrs. Albert (Margaret Shenty) 40 Third British
TOPPING, Miss Hilda 10 Third British
TRAINOR, Mr. A. (Thomas Pilcher) Engineering British
TRAVERS, Mrs. Jane 30 Third British
TRAYNOR, Mr. Philip Henry 28 Engineering British (Irish)
TREVERROW, Mrs. Caroline (Caroline Richards) 62 Second British
TRUMBULL, Mr. Isaac B. 38 Saloon USA 137
TUCKER, Mr. Albert 25 Third British
TULLOCH, Miss Hannah 11-months Second British
TULLOCH, Mr. James Second British
TULLOCH, Mrs. James (Agnes Kerr) 21 Second British
TURNER, Mr. Joseph Engineering British
TWIGG, Mr. Frederick Alexander Second British 10
TWINING, Mr. Edwin 19 Third British/USA
TYERS, Mr. Frederick Charles Second British 17
TYLER, Mr. Samuel 28 Third British
ULGAR, Mr. Jean Victualling Spanish
UNKNOWN male Stowaway German
UNKNOWN male Stowaway German
UNKNOWN male Stowaway German
Van STRAATEN, Mr. Martin 49 Saloon British/Dutch 203
VANCE, Mr. John Second USA
VANDERBILT, Mr. Alfred Gwynne 38 Saloon USA
VARCOE, Mr. John Francis (Lavinia Woodgate) 70 Second British
VARLEY, Miss Alice Mercy 50 Second British
VARNEY, Mr. John Victualling British
VENN, Mr. Harold Stanley Second British
VERDIN, Mr. Francis Victualling British
VERNON, Mr. George Ley Pearce (Butler) (George La Page) 45 Saloon British
VOSE, Mr. George Engineering British
WAARANEN, Miss Ellen Marie 22 Third Russian (Finnish)
WAITES, Miss Martha Mattie Pinder (maid to the Burnsides) 36 Saloon British
WALKER, Mr. David (secretary to Dr. Pearson) 32 Saloon USA
WALKER, Mr. John 28 Second British
WALKER, Mrs. John (Gertrude Thursfield) 26 Second British
WALKER, Miss Mary Jane Second British
WALLACE, Miss Delia Second British
WALLACE, Miss Margaret Second British
WALLACE-WATSON, Mrs. William (Florence Stancliffe) 49 Saloon British
WALSH, Miss Ellen Second British
WARD, Mr. James Langmuir Second British
WARD, Mr. Joseph 41 Third British
WARD, Mr. Michael 28 Engineering British (Irish)
WARD, Mr. Michael Second USA
WARDLE, Mrs. Frank (Cissie) 22 Third British
WARING, Mr. Charles Second British
WARNER, Mr. Tertius Selwyn 21 Second British
WATERS, Miss Katherine W. 25 Second British
WATERS, Miss Margaret 29 Second British
WATSON, Mrs. Anthony (Katherine Elam) 52 Saloon USA
WATSON, Mrs. Kate Third British
WEAVING, Mr. Richard Engineering British
WEBB, Mrs. Elizabeth 69 Third British
WEBB, Mr. James Engineering British
WEBB, Mr. William 40 Third British
WEBB, Mrs. William (Sarah) 32 Third British
WEBSTER, Master Frederick 11-months Second British
WEBSTER, Mrs. Frederick G. (Margaret) 24 Second British
WEBSTER, Master Henry 11-months Second British
WEIR, Mr. Cecil Hamilton 31 Second British
WEIR, Mrs. Margaret 51 Victualling British 40
WELSH, Mr. Christopher 28 Engineering British (Irish)
WELSH, Mr. Martin 36 Engineering British 64
WHEELHOUSE, Mr. Alfred Faulkner Engineering British 258
WHELAN, Mr. John James Engineering British
WICKHAM, Mrs. Nina 50 Second British 54
WICKINGS-SMITH, Mr. Basil Guilford (Cyril's brother) 29 Second British
WIENCKE, Master Paul 16 Engineering British
WIENCKE, Mr. Paul Frederick 38 Engineering German
WILKINSON, Mr. James Victualling British
WILLEY, Mrs. Cameron (Catherine E. Dietrich) 57 Saloon USA
WILLIAMS, Mr. David 27 Third British
WILLIAMS, Master David 03-months Third British/USA
WILLIAMS, Miss Ethel 5 Third British/USA
WILLIAMS, Miss Florence 4 Third British/USA
WILLIAMS, Master George Albert 6 Third British/USA
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Harry John (Elizabeth Annie Millman) 37 Third British
WILLIAMS, Mr. James 38 Third British 108
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Jane (Jane Jenkyn) 55 Second British
WILLIAMS, Mr. John Victualling British
WILLIAMS, Mr. Harold Victualling British
WILLIAMS, Mr. Robert Victualling British
WILLIAMS, Mr. Robert Neptune Victualling British
WILLIAMS, Mr. Sydney Engineering British
WILLIAMS, Mr. Thomas 45 Third British
WILLIAMS, Mr. Thomas Henry 32 Saloon British
WILLIAMSON, Mr. Charles Francis 44 Saloon USA
WILSON, Miss Dorothy 2 Third British
WILSON, Master Frank 4 Third British
WILSON, Mr. Robert Victualling British
WILSON, Miss Sarah Second British
WILSON, Mrs. William (Emily) Third British
WINTER, Mr. William Henry 28 Saloon British
WISE, Sister Isabel Eloise 59 Second British
WISEMAN, Mr. James Victualling British
WITHERBEE, Master Alfred Scott, Jr. 3 Saloon USA
WITHINGTON, Mr. Lothrop 56 Saloon USA
WOLFENDEN, Mr. John Charles 51 Second USA
WOOD, Mr. Arthur "Al" John 37 Saloon British
WOOD, Mr. Henry Edward 35 Victualling British 90
WOOD, Mr. John H. Engineering British
WOOD, Mr. Wallace Edkin Victualling British
WOODCOCK, Miss Sarah Emma Second British
WOOLVEN, Mrs. Edmond Victor (Helen Saunders) Second British 3 (DA)
WORDEN, Mrs. Charles E. (Jane Goodchild) 56 Second USA
WORRELL, Mr. Fred A. 45 Third British
WRIGHT, Master (?) Harold Joseph Victualling British
WRIGHT, Miss Mary E. Second British 111
WRIGHT, Mr. Walter Saloon British
WYLIE, Mrs. Emma Second British
WYNN, Mr. Peter Engineering British
WYNNE, Mr. Joseph Dominic 37 Victualling British
YARDLEY, Mr. Lewis Frank Second British
YEATMAN, Mr. Charles Aylmer Luttrell 36 Second British 107
YEATMAN, Mrs. Charles Aylmer Luttrell (Cora Rose Gower) 33 Second British 131
YETTS, Mr. William Rankin Le Neve Deck British
YETTS, Mr. William R. Deck British
YOHAMA, Mr. Envia 40 Third Persian
YORK, Mr. William Third British
YOUNG, Mrs. Charles (Elizabeth Grossart) 27 Third British
YOUNG, Mr. James M. 60 Saloon British
YOUNG, Mrs. James M. (Georgina Ann Vernon) 56 Saloon British
ZALIACHANOFF, Mr. Khaeho 37 Third Russian
*CLARKE, Mr. Alfred Russell 55 Saloon British
*KNIGHT, Mr. Charles 65 Victualling British
*McKECHAN, Master Campbell 10-months Second British
*PLANK, Mrs. David (Harriet Slinger) 61 Second British

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